How To Stay Healthy On Vacation?

stay healthy on vacation

While We Were Away In Mexico...

As you may recall from our recent posts from these past few days from last week and in this week.  We were in Mexico.  You can read more about our trip here.   Our Trip To Mexico While we were away in Mexico, our founder thought of some really great tips on how to stay healthy on vacation.  Some of these tips will be for you if you are visiting another country, all-inclusive resorts, or taking a cruise.  Let's begin, shall we?

Staying Healthy On Vacation At An All-Inclusive Resort

Most all-inclusive resorts have buffets.  Not a bad thing but people tend to eat a lot of food when it's a buffet.  Our founder came up with a good approach to buffet food while we were on vacation.

  • Stay away from fruits that have been washed (grapes, strawberries, blueberries).

  • Tend to stick with fish, chicken or lean cuts of meat.

  • For dessert: stick with ice cream (if you really need it)

  • For veggies: stick with all the cooked ones. Because if the country you are visiting has bad water, the germs in the water will be killed when cooked.

  • Alcohol: stay away from it. If you want a sweet beverage order a pina colada without the alcohol.

  • If the water supply is bad then drink bottled water. Even when you brush your teeth.

How To Stay Fit At An All-Inclusive Resort?

Our founder older brother sleeps in later and it's a big problem for our founder because he likes to get up early in the morning.  However, that didn't stop Jimmy from working out.  Jimmy found other awesome ways to workout while he was on vacation.  Plus it does not involve Beachbody on Demand, even though it would have been nice to use it.

  1. walk on the beach: take a walk on the beach with one of your family members, co-workers. You might be wondering why? Well, because when you walk on the beach it works out your legs and your core. How awesome is that?

  2. use the stairs: If the resort has an elevator and stairs, just take the stairs.

  3. Body weight exercises: do squats, split squats, lunges, pushups, crunches, plank.

Our founder thought of these alternatives because the gym in the resort had old equipment.  The treadmill belt was looking like an old cloth.  The machine weights were very hard to adjust and a couple of the leg machines were falling apart.  Yeah, it was a nice resort but the gym needs some maintenance.

How To Stay Healthy On A Cruise Ship?

Well, just take what you just learned from above and apply it to your cruise ship vacation.  Except for the bottled water part.  Most cruise ships, at least the one our founder has been on had their own water filtering system on board.  So the water is safe to drink from the tap.

There You Have It... How To Stay Healthy On Vacation?

If you apply these awesome tips that Jimmy came up while he was on vacation, then you can stay healthy and fit while you are on vacation.  Don't gain weight while you are on vacation.  Stay fit and healthy while you are away.

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