Why the World Would End Without My Daily Routine

daily routine

As An Adult With Autism I Need My Daily Routine

Growing up with Autism has never been easy, but having a visual timetable makes it a little more manageable. Without it the world would end, my world would end.

person eating their breakfast while reading a magazine

person eating their breakfast while reading a magazine

The Reason Why I Need A Daily Routine

When I graduated from high school back in 2012, I didn’t go to college right away. I took three years off because I didn’t like school. During the first two years my parents kind of left me alone to do my own thing. During the third year they made me start looking for odd jobs to set a daily routine.

picture of a man reading newspaper at a train station

picture of a man reading newspaper at a train station

The Reason Why I need A Daily Routine ( Part Two)

Without a daily routine I would not get anything done in life. I wouldn’t be in college, I wouldn’t have a website, or even have time to hangout with my friends or family.

Having A Daily Schedule Helped Me Get Through School When I Was Younger

The only thing that helped me get through my schooling when I was younger was having a daily schedule. The school schedule was laid out of everyone, all the classes, lunch, and when it was time to go home. It was perfect just to see what was on the agenda for the whole day.

Having A Daily Schedule Helps Me By

Having a daily schedule helps me stay calm, mellow, and productive so I know whats coming up on my schedule without any surprises.

What My World Would Like Without My Daily Routine

Without my daily routine my world would look like a big mess:

  • papers everywhere

  • more stress

  • less productive

  • less mellow moods

  • a lot of mood swings

What Does My Daily Activities Look Like?

My daily activities look something like this:

  • breakfast

  • workout

  • take a shower/ get dress and listen to music

  • blog planning

  • blog post

  • marketing

  • lunch

  • online courses

  • read a book/if I have time

  • karate or bowling depending which night it is

  • tutoring for on course again depending which night it is

As You Can See My Daily Routine Is Very Important To Me

As you can see my daily routine is very important to me because I like having a schedule in my life. One little change in my schedule it’s hard for me to turn my day around to have a productive day. I absolutely can’t stand schedule changes because they throw me off my day.

Do You Have A Daily Schedule?

Do you have a daily schedule to start your day, and do you feel thrown off when something or someone changes your schedule on you? Let me know in the comments below.

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