Wondering How To Make Your Going To College With Autism Rock?

Going to college with autism

Going To College With Autism

Do you find going to college with Autism is hard?  I know that I do, I also think colleges could do more for students on the spectrum.  Learn more.

Going To College With Autism Is Not Easy

When I first started going to college with Autism it was not easy.  Everything was different. Teachers are called professors, class schedules were different than high school, better lunch options, etc.  Some of those things were easy to adapt to, but I still think colleges could do more.

People With Asperger Have A Fear To Fail

I have noticed that people with Asperger have a fear to fail.  Even though I have a slight bit of Autism I know I have a fear to fail.  The one big thing that I think that needs to change in colleges is the process to acquire accommodations.

The Accommodation Process Could Be Much Faster

I don’t know if this is the case at every college, I am just speaking about mine.  Please don’t think I am being critical of my college, I actually like it. But every semester I have to personally reach out to the Disability Office and request my accommodation letter.

Why Can’t The Accommodations Renew Automatically Until I Graduate?

The only thing that I like when I was growing up in school was that I had an IEP which stands for Individual Educational Program.  Sure it had its up and downs, but it worked for the most part.  Why can’t colleges do the same thing? Perhaps don’t make a separate program for people who are on the spectrum, but how about renew the accommodations until we graduate from the school?

I Asked People That I Know Why Colleges Don’t Implement A Better System

This was a while ago where I asked people I know why colleges don’t implement a better system for people with Autism.  I am not going to name any names but I will quote them though.

  • “Colleges are still new to having students with Autism”

  • “We are following what other colleges are doing”

  • “Colleges are not required to give accommodations”

  • “Government plays a role in the decision making”

The Last Thing That Colleges Need To Change

The last that colleges really need to change is the title of the Disability office.  Again I don’t know if it’s the same name for all the colleges, but in my opinion that’s pretty offensive.  Think about it a little not everyone with Autism is disabled, and even if we were that name is basically treating us differently.  How about change the name to Accommodation office, or Accommodation services.

What Do You Think Would Make Going To College With Autism Easier?

So I would like people opinion and ask what do you think would make going to college with Autism easier?  Let me know in the comments below.

Going To College With Autism Could Be Easier

I think going to college with Autism could be easier if the colleges help people with Autism get over their fear to fail.  I also think colleges need to rethink the name Disability center because it is a very offensive name.