The 22 Amazing Gifts For Health Conscious Dads

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Father’s Day is approaching fast which means today I have the best gifts for health conscious dads. Most of all these products are products that I personally use every day. Now let’s dive into today’s post.

Health Gifts For Dads

gifts for health conscious dads
  1. New Golf Clubs

My Dad and I like golfing together even though I haven’t golfed with him in a year or two because I have been busy. Golf is one of those sports where you can really love it or really hate it. If your Dad needs a new pair of clubs the get him a nice set of Callaway clubs.

Your Dad will thank you for getting him new clubs because he could be missing one from his current set, after throwing the club in the pond after hitting a bad shot. Only the professionals are the best at golf.

2. Brooks Running Shoes

I have very wide feet so not all gym shoes fit me. That’s why I like Brooks gym shoes. I have never a pair of Brooks that hasn’t fit my feet yet. If your Dad likes to run or go to the gym and he has very wide feet. Then get him a pair of Brooks for Father’s day so he have cushioned support again with a pair of new shoes.

3. Garmin Vivomove HR Fitness Tracker

I don’t personally own this fitness tracker but I am a fan of Garmin devices because they have awesome designs that look like an actual watch. I personally have the Vivomove which is the first one in the series. One of the big differences between my fitness tracker vs the one in the picture is that mine last a whole year on battery while that one only last 5 days on battery before it needs to recharge.

4. Fitbit Charge 3

After my Fibit died after a year I haven’t been a fan of them since. However, I included in this gift guide for Father’s day because I know a lot of people who prefer Fitbit than Garmin. The other thing that I son’t like about Fitbit is when your device dies and no longer holds a charge you have to buy a whole new device again.

5. Apple Watch

I can’t believe I am advertising the Apple Watch in this post because I am currently in a fight with Apple not letting me on their platform. Again I don’t personally have one but I know my Dad loves Apple devices and a lot of my friends do, but I personally am not in a good standards with them.

6. Asus Zenwatch 2

I have a Asus laptop and a Asus tablet. I personally don’t have any negative feelings towards Asus. Since I am a fan of Asus I think your Android loving Dad with love an Asus smart watch because in my opinion they make awesome products.

7. Yoga Mat

This is my favorite Yoga mat company because it comes with a handle to carry it. It is one the most easiest mats to roll up nice and neat. I don’t always do yoga with a mat but when I do my feet are nice and comfortable on the this mat.

8. Medical ID Bracelet

I personally love Lauren Hope medical ID bracelets. Lauren Hope has many styles of bracelets, necklaces, and etc. Lauren Hope medical ID products are affordable and they make the engraving on each item nice and readable.

If your Dad has a medical condition like I do then he needs to get one asap. Go visit Lauren Hope and check out all the different products that they have, I bet you will find something that you will like.

9. Dumbbells Set

One of the most expensive things to buy when you are a fitness addict like me are dumbbells. Each pair of dumbbells cost money and if you are buying like 2 or 4 different pound dumbbells the price adds up. At least if you buy this set on Amazon you get 5 different pound dumbbells for a reasonable price.

If your Dad loves weightlifting then he will defiantly love having different pound dumbbells to get bigger muscle.

10. Foam Roller

I personally recommend foam rolling for recovery because it feels good to get all those tight muscles loosens up. GoFit is the brand that I use and recommend because they have a full body foam roller meaning you can foam roll your legs, back, and arms.

I didn’t really know about foam rolling until I did 80 Day Obsession on Beachbody on Demand. Every rest day and right before I go to Karate I make sure I get my foam rolling in. Or else I feel very stiff and sore. If your Dad is always sore from a workout then he needs to try foam rolling it’s like giving yourself a massage.

11. PanAway Essential Oil

If foam rolling doesn’t always work for me then this is my next go to item to help relieve pain. Panaway essential oil helps release tensed muscles. It feels nice and soothing to help get all those annoying kinks out of the body.

If foam rolling doesn’t work for your Dad then get him one PanAway he will thank you once the pain goes away.

12. Deep Relief Roller

Sometimes PanAway is not enough for me after karate class. I have to fight pain a little further. My next line of offense to help me really dig deep to get rid of that pain for good is the deep relief roller.

One night in karate class I cam home with my whole body aching. Once I started putting on the deep relief roller I started to feel this tingling feeling in my body. After and hour the pain just left. It’s like magic. If PanAway doesn’t work don’t sweat it try the deep relief roller instead.

13. Diffuser

I love the Young Living essential oil brand, but let me be honest with you I don’t personally like this diffuser. Now you are probably wondering why I am even promoting on my website then? The first reason I wanted to share with you the kind of diffuser that I have.

The second reason is because I want to be honest on why this is not my most favorite product. The cone shape top has 2 lids on in the middle and the cover that goes over it. The next thing I don’t really care for is that it’s a continuous flow of diffusing and there is no option for stop and go kind of flow.

I think the newer version of it has that but the lids are still annoying to me because it can easily be knocked over. But don’t get me wrong it still does the trick to help me sleep at night and if you don’t like this one like I do there are still other diffusers from Young Living.

14. Essential Oil Recipe Book

There is no point in using essential oils if you don’t have a book full of recipes that one could make. This book also tells you what each of oils do on and where to apply it on the body. I find it very helpful when I first got started with essential oils.

If Dad needs direction then get him this book this Fathers day so he to can benefit from the knowledge of essential oils.

15. Essential Oil Rollers

One of my favorite part about essential oils are the rollers. I can take these rollers on trips or while I am driving in the car. The other day I was feeling really stressed and I had my stress away roller right next to me.

If your Dad travels a lot of work then perhaps these will be a nice addition to his toiletry bag.

16. Essential Oils Kit

This is the beginning kit that I started with when I first started using essential oils. In this kit they also include the joy oil which is one of my new favorites. This kit is the more affordable than the other kits out there. If your Dad is new to essential oils then he should get this one and then go from there.

17. Hydro Flask

I never really started using a water bottle full time until I found out about Hydro Flask. I love drinking cold water especially after Karate class. It’s nice to know that when I go to bed at night when I still have water in my water bottle that it still remains cold.

With Hydro Flask insulated walls in this bottle your drink of choice will stay either hot or cold for a longer period of time unlike other water bottles. I personally use the 32 oz water bottle so I can easily keep track of how many cups of water that I drink.

If your Dad likes cold water or if he is not drinking enough water throughout the day then perhaps he needs a Hydro Flask in his life.

18. Memory Foam Pillow

I don’t personally use this brand of memory foam pillow, but I still use one. The one thing I love about having a memory foam pillow is that it doesn’t have feathers in it like other pillows. Meaning that it won’t leave an indent in the pillow and it will go back to its normal shape.

Having one of these pillows helps me with my spinal stenosis so I don’t wake up with a stiffer neck. If your Dad has difficult night sleep then perhaps he needs to upgrade his pillow.

19. Memory Foam Mattress

Now if you have a bigger budget then me perhaps get your Dad a new memory foam mattress. I personally don’t have one, but If I had the money I might consider one myself. I personally use a memory foam mattress pad which I will talk about in the next product below.

20. Memory Foam Mattress Pad

I love having my memory foam mattress pad. The first time when I tried one was when I was in Chicago visiting my aunts, uncles, and cousins for the holiday. It was like sleeping on a cloud if that’s even possible. So nice and comfy I had to get one for my own bed.

Now I don’t personally have this brand but I still use one on my bed. I forget the brand that made mine but I not pulling off the sheets and everything to find out for this post. Perhaps next time.

21. SportHill Fleece

I saw this fleece in an L.L Bean catalog or some other magazine. I needed to replace this gray fleece that I had that was worn out. This fleece is perfect for me going back and forth to Karate on those cold winter nights and cold spring nights as well.

It’s made with polyester and it keeps me nice and warm on the days when I really need it. I really like the color and it’s not too expensive either.

22. Beachbody on Demand

room with a tv and a couch

room with a tv and a couch

The last product that I want to talk about in this post is Beachbody on Demand. Beachbody on Demand is a huge library full of workout programs that is cheaper than any other gym. If you don’t believe just do a Google search.

Beachbody on Demand has helped me lose 30 pounds and helped me developed lean muscle. My very first workout program that I did was P90X with Tony Horton. Beachbody on Demand is only $100 per year and if you sign-up using my link you can choose me as your coach.


Fathers day is upon us so don’t wait for the last minute to get something special for your Dad. These are products that I personally use everyday to help me live a healthy living lifestyle.

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