Our Review Of The Garmin Vivomove

Review of the garmin vivomove

Our Review Of The Garmin Vivomove

With all of those new fitness trackers coming out from Garmin, Fitbit, how do you tell which one you should buy?  You may also find our last post about fitness trackers helpful too.  Our Favorite Fitness Tracker Here is another article that might help make your decision a little easier. Garmin New Devices Well, in today's blog post you will get two different reviews.  Our review is about the Vivomove and the other review is from our friends at reviews.com.  Our founder gave us some holiday gifts.  which was really nice of him.  he gave us the Garmin Vivomove which came out last year in 2016.  But we noticed a few major flaws in the device made by Garmin.  Please note that this is our opinion and this is an unbiased review about the Garmin Vivomove.

What We Love...

What we love about the device.  The Garmin Vivomove has two different options. The first option is an all premium style.  Meaning that you wear it to work or out to dinner.  No one would ever expect that it is a fitness tracker.  With the all premium style, you get a leather strap instead of rubber looking one that comes with the other style.  The second style is a sports style look.  Meaning you can swim, shower, workout, play sports with this tracker on and you don't have to take it off.  The strap is made out of a rubbery material which makes sense because sweat and leather don't go together.  Another thing that we love about this lovely device is that it's an actual watch and not a digital watch meaning that whenever you go away around the world you can change the time manually, instead of having to wait for an internet connection to sync the device to change the time.

What We Don't Like...

Now it's time to explain what we don't like about this small tracker.  The first thing we do not like about this fitness tracker is that the directions to this watch are very unhelpful.  How may you ask?  Well, in the directions under how to set the time it tells you to twist of the knob to change the time.  They forgot one step.  The step that they forgot to add is the part about having to pull out the knob in order to change the time.  Another thing that we don't like about the Vivomove is that it does not notify you about when you reach your daily step goal. Hell, you can't even figure out your step goal until you look into the Garmin Connect app.


Overall it's a great fitness tracker with two major flaws in our opinion.  It is priced at 149 dollars on Garmin website I will leave a link for it here.

What Our Friends At Reviews.com Opinion

Our friends at Reviews.com think the overall fitness tracker is the Fitbit Charge 2.  We disagree with them because we do not like Fitbit because they are super expensive to replace the battery.  If you get a faulty device you have replaced the whole device.  Which really blows.  The regular Fitbit replacement cost $99 dollars.  Not everyone can afford to shuffle out 99 dollars each time the device goes haywire.  We love the Garmin  Vivofit and vivomove because you can replace the actual battery which cost like $3-$5.  The Vivofit takes two D cell batteries and the Vivomove takes a watch battery.  Since it's an actual watch too.  To read the full Reviews.com post you can find it here.  Fitbit Tracker Reviews

Back To You...

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