Finished Phase One And Started Phase Two

Finished Phase One and started phase two

Finished Phase One and started phase two

Getting Closer To Finishing 80 Day Obsession

I finished phase one and started phase two.

My Journey So Far...

It's been a while since my last post about my journey so far with 80 Day Obsession.  The reason why my team and I haven't posted in a while because I was sick last weekend.  Another reason my team and I did not post is that we were having major technical difficulties involving connecting to our server.  In case you forgot where I left off with my 80 Day Obsession journey here is a recap of the last post.


Finished Week Three And Almost Week Four

Finished The Last Two Workouts In Week Four

Once I started to feel better again after being sick.  I went back to the last two days that I missed in 80 Day Obsession.  It was quite hard to get back into it after taking four consecutive days off.  However, I felt like a million dollars after each workout.

First Day Back - Legs

I used 25-pound dumbbells during leg day.  Yea I know it was kind of stupid to do that on the first day back but it felt good.  No pain no gain.

The second Day Back - Cardio Flow

I notice during the inchworms this time around my hamstrings has been loosened up quite a bit since starting this workout program.  The only hard part on this day was the breathing because I was still stuffed up.  But after being sick for four days you just want to start moving and grooving.  If not then you start going stir crazy.

Today Starts Phase Two - Booty

I didn't know what to expect for booty in phase two.  But, just after hearing the first exercise that we going to do I was already scared.  There were exercises with bands and weights involved at the same time.  Some other exercises that we had to do were balancing exercises.  I used the blue bands the whole time and now I am paying for it.  Hopefully, I still have the energy for Karate tonight.

I Need Luck

Tomorrow workout is core cardio.  I need luck for this one because there will be more new exercises in this workout.  Who would have thought that using these loops/bands can be so hard?

Super Excited About Finishing Phase One And Started Phase Two

I am super excited about finishing phase one and started phase two.  Another thing that I am excited about is that I feel like my legs are getting stronger each time that I am doing these workouts.

More New Content Is On Its Way...

More new content is on its way.  We know that we haven't been posting on our website this month a lot because of a lot of technical difficulties.  We have been on the phone with IT for 110 total hours and we implemented some new stuff on our site to keep it from going down.  However, because technology is not perfect there are no guarantees.  However, we can promise you that there will be more new content on its way the rest of this month during the week.  Stay tuned!