Finished Phase 3 - 80 Day Obsession

Finished Phase 3

Finished Phase 3

Goodbye Phase Three

Good riddance phase 3.  So today was the last day of phase 3 in 80 Day Obsession.   I am so proud of myself that I have completed 74 days of this workout journey.  If you missed my last post here it is again.  You Will Never Thought That Owning A Bum Workout Could Be So Beneficial!

Today - Total Body Core

So last night at 8:15 pm Karate class we had to do full burpees and half burpees and of course oblique situps.  Well during the last workout in phase 3, I had to do burpees on the sliders.  That woke my brain right up this morning, oww.  Then we had to do bicep curls in a lunge with the resistance loops.  On the second set of the curls, I decided to move down to the yellow resistance loops because I felt my form going south.  Then tonight at 9:15 pm I will be going back to Karate again and doing more burpees.

Hello Peak Week

Tomorrow is peak week.  I have no clue what that involves, in my opinion, I really don't want to find out.  However, since I always finish what I started, I will continue to push play on Beachbody On Demand until I finish this workout program.  Then I will continue to better myself.

Don't Forget To Come Back

Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see how day one of peak week went.  I will be posting in the morning right after my workout.  Now that phase 3 is out of my way, its time to give it my all during peak week!  Wish me luck tomorrow because I am going to need it!