Finished Day One Of 80-Day Obsession

Finished Day One

Finished Day One

The Beginning Of My 80-Day ObsessionJourney

Remember when I said I was going to start doing the 80-Day Obsession?  If not then let me give you a little refresher.  80-Day Obsession Now let's dive into day one starting my journey on 80-Day Obsession.

Day One Completed

So today the first day of 80-Day Obsession.  Today was Total Body Core.  It worked upper and lower body.  It also worked core as a bonus.  It was a very hard workout.  My mom and I did this workout together.  I got it for her as a birthday and Christmas present.  Pretty sweet present right?  I had to use these color bands which was very hard because they kept rolling up.

  • Yello-suppose to be easy

  • green-medium hard

  • blue - very hard

My mother and I determined that the harder of the bands the easier it is to keep them from falling off and rolling up.  Some of the exercises I had to modify.  One of the exercises that my mother and I had to do was a side plank while we had bands on our feet.  Then we had to try to touch our elbow to our knees with the bands on while we held a side plank. I did the modified version because the last time I held a side plank in my college weight lifting class I sprained my tendon, ouch.

After The Workout

After the workout, my legs felt like rubber bands.  I also feel like I got hit by a bus.  Tomorrow will be my second day of this workout program.  What I am not going to do is look ahead of the workouts in this program.  Why may you ask?  Because if I look ahead in the program I may start regretting of starting this 80-Day Obsession workout program.

Will Be Checking Back Tomorrow

I will be back tomorrow with how day two went.  Are you interested in joining my mother and me on this 80-Day Obsession fitness program journey?  Get 80-Day Obsession Now