Thanks To The Foam Roller- I Finished Day 8 Of 80-Day Obsession

Thanks to the foam roller

Thanks to the foam roller

Finished Day 8 Of 80-Day Obsession - Thanks To The Foam Roller

I finished day 8 of 80-Day Obsession thanks to the foam roller.  Today was Total Body Core.  Autumn had me use the blue bands today.  Now when I said she had me use blue bands, it wasn't like she made me use them but I couldn't let her work harder than me.  Even though she doesn't know that.  This day was very hard because it wasn't just two rounds today it was three.  Then Autumn said at the beginning of the video that next week will be four sets.  Ruh-roh, what did I get myself into?

Just In Case You Missed It

Just in case you missed my last few days of my 80-Day Obsession here is a little recap...

Here Are A Few Tips That I Learned Today...

On the rest days, there is an option to stretch with a foam roller.  At the beginning of this workout program, I said to my mom we don't need a foam roller.  Well, I was wrong yet again.  Last night at karate I was feeling every ache and pain.  So today I went to my nearest fitness store that sells fitness products and machines.  I got my mom and I two foam rollers.  When I got home from the store I went right upstairs to my room and then rolled out my sore aching muscles.  I felt like a million dollars after it.  When you have sore and aching muscles don't be a hero.  Go to your nearest health and fitness store like Leisure Fitness, Dicks Sporting Goods, and Sports Authority.  When you don't stretch your aching muscles, you will be prone to injury.


Tomorrow will be Booty.  This should be an interesting because of the three sets instead of two.  I probably will use the blue bands again because the bands don't roll as much as the lighter ones.  I will let you know about tomorrow workout on Thursday because I think I will work for Uber some tomorrow before I get ready for my bowling league tomorrow.  Plus I got to share the spotlight with my team, right?