Finished Day 71- 80 Day Obsession

Finished Day 71

Finished Day 71

Finished Another 80 Day Obsession Workout

I finished day 71 of 80 Day Obsession, let me be honest with you.  I am kind of glad that this 80 Day Obsession journey is almost over because I am getting tired of doing the workouts each and every morning for an hour.  Even though I like the 80 Day Obsession workout program its just getting to me, that's all.  Now let's see how I did with day 71 of 80 Day Obsession, shall we?

Incased That You Missed It

Incased that you missed it here is my last 80 Day Obsession post that I talked about.  I Will Tell You The Truth About Leg Exercises In The Next 60 Seconds.  Let's break it down.

Today - Legs

Today was leg day.  I felt like I did very well today because there this one exercise where you jump with a dumbbell then you place the dumbbell on the ground after you finished your first jump, then you jump again without the dumbbell and you do that for 15 reps.  At first, it was hard for me, but now it seems like a piece of cake.  It felt so good to finish day 71.

Yesterday - Cardio Flow

I am hoping I will never have to do Cardio Flow again because I am sick and tired of doing it.  But I enjoyed it while it last though.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that Cardio Flow does not return during peak week.

The Day Before Yesterday - AAA

Hopefully this week AAA will be the last time during this program.  As you can see after finishing day 71, I am kind of getting bored of this workout.  But I am going to push through the rest of these workouts and give it all that I have left.

Sorry About Yesterday

I was going to post yesterday but I got caught up fixing some stuff with my team on my website.  I am looking forward to the weekend because I need a break from working hard.  Sorry for the short post but I have to finish a few more things on the backend of my website today before I can call it a break for today.  Cya all back here on Monday!