Finished Day 42 Of 80 Day Obsession: Leg Day Workout

Finished Day 42 of 80 Day Obsession

Finished Day 42 of 80 Day Obsession

Yesterday- Total Body Core

So yesterday I finished Total Body core.  Last night before I went to my late karate class, I saw that my abs were starting to pop out.  How cool is that?  When it comes to genes in my family, I got the short end of the stick.  My brother got Our Moms genes and I got my dads genes.  The reason why I said I got the short end of the stick is that if I ate the way, my brother ate I would be fat.  If I stay up all hours of the night like my brother, I would be sick.  So let us talk about today's workout which was leg day workout.

Today - Leg Day Workout

I have to say that leg day workout is my favorite of all of the exercises.  Why may you ask?  Well, I like it because it's not the same all boring leg workout exercises that you see people doing in the gym or in a health magazine.   In 80 Day Obsession, Auttum has us use the sliders which is quite fun because it's like a game to see how long you can do the exercise before the slider slips away.  But, I also like leg day because each time you do it Auttum somehow changes it on you.  For an example, today she had us do one exercise at a time three times, instead 3 different exercises in a row and then back to the top again.

Tomorrow - AAA

Tomorrow is AAA which stands for Arms, Abs and you probably can figure out what the last A stands for.  Too bad every day can't be leg day workout.  Wish me luck for tomorrow because I am going to need it because it is one of my least favorite routines.

If You Are Interested...

If you are interested in doing the 80 Day Obsession, please reach out to me or my team at or  When you signup under my affiliate link.  I get a small commission which will go towards keeping this site up and running.  Plus you will get me as your own Beachbody Coach.  I will help motivate you through your 80 Day Obsession journey.  You don't know what you are missing!