Finished Day 4 Of 80-Day Obsession

Finished day 4

Finished day 4

Before We Begin

Before we begin I would like to tell everyone that I let my team take a four day weekend because they put a lot of man hours in the last week.  That's why I been doing all the posting about my 80-Day Obsession journey.  The reason I am telling everyone about this is that I don't want anyone to think I fired them.  Everybody needs a break once in a while, right?  So now let's see my progress in day 4 of 80 day obsession.


I finished Day 4 of 80 day obsession.  Today was called AAA.  So you are probably wondering what AAA means.  It stands for (Abs,Arms...)  I am not going to say the next part because it is considered as a curse word.  I am keeping my website clean from that kind of stuff.  But you have probably figured out what that extra A meant right?  Anyway, today workout took a lot of focus because the exercises had a time count of three for either going up for going down.  I had to use every bit of control in my body so I did not rush the exercises.  If you rush the exercises you will not see results.  Trust me on that.  This workout today included bands, weights, and sliders.

How I Pushed Through

At the beginning of the workout, the trainer on the video said I recommend light weights for some exercises because if you don't then you will tire out too soon.  I thought she was kidding.  "I was thinking well this is not the first workout program that I did before."  The first move was called upright rows which is a shoulder exercise.  It was up for one rep and down for 3 counts while being in controlled movement.  My shoulders for on fire.  Glad I had a pair of 10-pound dumbbells.  Then my mother and I had to do push-ups.  I can do regular push-ups without going to my knees.  But that's without going down slow and then back up for one.  For my back flys, I had to 5-pound dumbbells because of the slow-motion moves.  I am going to be feeling this tomorrow.  I did the push-ups on my knees.


Here is a tip that I learned from day 4 of 80 day obsession.  Don't be afraid to modify and pick lightweights.  Would you rather pick the heaviest weights and have bad form or modify the exercise and use lightweights?  In my opinion, I rather use lightweights on super hard exercises and modify if I need to so I don't hurt myself again...  Don't think that you are being a hero if you are not modifying exercises that you can't do.  You are only hurting yourself if you decide to use heavy weights and have bad form.

Come Back Tomorrow

Come back tomorrow to see tomorrow progress on my 80-Day Obesseion journey.  My team will be back on Monday morning sharp.  Wish me luck for tomorrow because I will need it!