Day 2 And 3 Of 80 Day Obsession Was Hard

Day 2 and 3

Day 2 and 3

Finished Day 2 And 3 Of 80-Day Obsession

My mom and I finished day 2 and 3 of 80 Day Obsession.  I have to admit I am really sore and let me share with you of what the last two days were like for me and my mom on the 80-Day journey.  Day 2 and 3 were hard workouts because of Booty and Core Cardio.  Another thing that made day 2 and 3 of 80 Day obsession hard because I never really worked my legs really like this before.


Day 2 of this fitness journey was called booty.  It was a bunch of butt exercises.  Just an FYI I feel like I got buns of steel.  I told my Mom that we can now have booties just like Kim Kardashian.  My Mom said to me if I get a booty like Kim Kardashian because of this I don't want to do it anymore.  I finally started using the blue bands which are considered the hardest bands.  There was a lot of squats and some more core exercises.  I kind of wonder if the trainer in the video trained Kim Kardashian?

Core Cardio

Today was Core Cardio.  I was a very hard workout because there were no breaks and in my opinion, this girl named Carrie in the video was supposed to modify the exercises.  However, Carrie seemed to be doing exactly what the others were doing in the video and not much modifying.  That's not a necessarily a bad thing but I had trouble in doing most of the exercises because I do not feel comfortable with holding a side plank again.  However, I did well with the cardio piece of it just not the cross leg jacks.  What is the cross leg jacks you may ask?  The cross leg jacks are like a jumping jack but instead of your feet jumping outwards to the side you cross the legs.


I found some useful tips on how to get through Core Cardio.  There were a lot of core exercises that I couldn't do because I was afraid to hold a side plank and my legs do not go certain ways.  So I came up with some tips that I thought might be useful in finishing this program in one piece.

  • Using the sliding discs- take the felt off if you are working out on the carpet.

  • If you can't do certain exercises- do some mountain climbers that was already done in the video. I rather do mountain climbers if I can't physically do an exercise because at least you are still working core and cardio at the same time. Plus it doesn't matter how many times that I do them, they do not get any easier for me. Same thing with push-ups. I do have to do a lot of push-ups in karate and it doesn't get easier, I can still do as many as I can in 15 seconds but I still feel them the next day.


I don't even want to think of what tomorrow workout is.  I am going to take this program one step at a time.  I hope its upper body tomorrow to take a break from my legs and booty.


Every workout program I start I think of some goals that I want to accomplish with the program.  I don't count finishing a program as a goal because anyone can finish a workout program.  A true goal is when you start a workout program and gain something or achieved something from the program.  Here are some of my goals for this program.  Oh and please don't make fun of these goals because they are serious goals.  I am just trying to help.

  1. firm up my legs- Yes I said it I want firmer legs because my legs are a little flabby. In my exercise and science class, last semester taught me that men struggle with tighter legs than women. I am not being sexist but it's the truth. It's also been proven.

  2. Tighter Core - I want a tighter core because when I am in karate having some extra pounds on your stomach does not help when you are sparring with a partner. Because then you can feel every kick and blow on your stomach. I don't have extra pounds, but it can still be tighter.

  3. Help my mom succeed- My goal is to help my mom succeed in this program because so she can stay motivated to workout, even when I move away.

I will Check Back Tomorrow

I will check back tomorrow for tomorrow workout progress.  If you know someone who needs help and needs some motivation please share this with them.  Let them know I am going through struggles too.  They are not alone.