Finished Another 80 Day Obsession Leg Day

80 Day Obsession Leg Day

80 Day Obsession Leg Day

My Latest 80 Day Obsession Post...

If you forgot what happened to me last week during my 80 Day Obsession journey then here is a little friendly reminder of what happened.  Restarting The Week Over In My 80 Day Obsession Journey.  I love doing 80 Day Obsession Leg Day

Yesterday - Cardio Flow

I am mixing up the workouts this week since I didn't feel like doing the workouts in order.  Next week I will.  Cardio flow seems harder than karate for me.  That's saying something.  This workout makes you breathe so hard that you feel like your lungs will burst out if you don't stop.  Somehow I still manage to push play every day.

Today - 80 Day Obsession Leg Day

I love 80 Day Obsession Leg Day.  Why may you ask?  Well because 80 Day Obsession Leg Day has helped me with balancing.  Balancing helps me in karate with round kicks.  80 Day Obsession Leg Day has also helped me in my swimming lessons.  Yes, I take adult swimming lessons because when I was younger my teacher did not teach me on how to swim very well.  That's another story for another time.  But leg day has helped me to get stronger legs which benefits me in swimming and karate.

Tomorrow - Surprise Workout

Tomorrow I am going to surprise myself with a random 80 Day Obsession workout.  By a random workout I don't mean the next workout in the week I am going to be doing a workout that comes even later in the week.

Before You Go...

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New Services Coming Soon...

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