Fall In Love With Ac Dc Rock Or Bust Review 2018

AC DC Rock Or Bust Review

AC DC Rock Or Bust Review

AC DC Rock or Bust Review

After to AC/DC latest Rock or Bust album over and over again, I have to say I can relate to a few of their songs.  In this AC DC Rock or Bust review, you will find out which few songs I can relate to and why I can relate to them.

Before We Continue On With AC DC Rock Or Bust Review

You are probably thinking I am crazy writing about AC/DC on a healthy living website.  Well you are right I am crazy in a good way, but by the end of this post, I am going to wrap it up in a way that will make sense for this website.  Continue reading to find out the two songs that I can relate to.

The First Song I Can Relate With In This AC DC Rock Or Bust Review

The first song I can relate to in this AC DC Rock or Bust review is called Rock The Blues Away.  Check out the lyrics here.  Rock The Blues Away Lyrics.  So why can I relate to this song?  I can relate to this song because when my dog Kasey passed away I was so upset, but in my head, I was singing this song to help me stay away from being sad forever.  Rock The Blues Away has helped me overcome this.  If you want to learn more about my dog Kasey check out this post here.  What You Should Know About What My Dog Taught Me About Life

The Second Song I Can Relate With In This AC DC Rock Or Bust Review

The second song I can relate to is called Hard Times. To check out the lyrics follow this link.  Hard Times Lyrics.  There are a lot of ways I can relate to this song.  Check them out by continuing reading.

Why Can I Relate With Hard Times Song In This AC DC Rock Or Bust Review

The reason why I can relate with Hard Times is that during my life nothing has come easily to me.  Just like said in the Live Facebook interview yesterday that easy is not in my dictionary.  It has a big question mark by the word easy in my life dictionary.  Why the big question mark?  Because I don't know what easy means it simply doesn't apply to me or my life.

A Lot Of Hard Times In My Life

I am not complaining about the Hard Times in my life, but I am going to name a few Hard Times during my life so far so I can relate it to this post.

My First Hard Time  In This AC DC Rock Or Bust Review

One of the things I said in my interview yesterday I told everyone live that I had to deal with bullies.  From elementary school to high school.  Every year of bullying made it harder and harder to go to school and enjoying life.  But after dealing with the bullies in a positive way by reporting them and standing up to them I dealt with that hard time.

My Second Hard Time In This AC DC Rock Or Bust Review

My second hard time that I want to talk about in this AC DC Rock or Bust review is my three surgeries done in one day.  I had 6 wisdom teeth pulled out, two moles removed and my hearing fixed in my right ear.  If you ask me no one really should have to go through that all in one day.  It took me a few weeks to recover fully from that big surgery trifecta.  But hey, I got through that hard time.

My Third Hard Time In This AC DC Rock Or Bust Review

My third hard time that I been overcoming everyday is my Autism.  Some days I struggle at times to understand stuff that involves my website, politics, and news.  I also find my Autism to be challenging in college at times too, but I finally been looking at my Autism differently these last few years.  Instead of me looking at it from being different from the world, I now look at it as that I think outside the box.


As you can in this AC DC Rock or Bust review I can relate to both songs called Rock The Blues Away and Hard Times.  If you want to hear both of these songs check them out here.

AC/DC Rock The Blues Away

AC/DC Hard Times

Can You Relate To Any Songs

Can you relate to any songs that you want to talk about?  Let me know in the comments below I will be looking forward to reading them.

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