What Everyone Ought To Know About Autism

What Everyone Ought To Know About Autism

About Today's Post

Today I am doing the writing today because I gave my team members the weekend off because they filled in for me quite a bit the last few days.  See I am a nice person after all.  Also, I wanted to share with you a little more about me.  Who else is better to tell you about me other than myself?  The answer to that quest is no one.   Lastly, I wanted to end the week with a more personal story of my past.  Let's go back to the past, shall we?

At First, I Did Not Know...

When I was growing up when I was a little kid, I did not know that I had autism.  It's not because anyone lied to me or anyone tried hiding the truth from me.  I guess it was because I didn't know what Autism was.  Plus when I was younger I didn't think that way, I just thought everyone was just a kid back then.  There were a few clues here and there that should have been obvious to me when I was younger.  For an example, I was in smaller classes.  The max size in our class was about 10 maybe 12 student.  Again this was when I was younger I thought every class was like this, I didn't know.

I Started To Figure It Out

Let me be honest with everyone, I did not really start figuring this out until I was in middle school.  I think the first clues in middle school that gave it away was some teachers and principals really started to treat us different.  The school had this one guy with this funny looking mustache talk to us about our learning disability records.  Excuse me school we are still kids in middle school, how about we try again when we reach high school as adults?  Then when I got to high school I had some really cool teachers and some really lame ones that should have given up teaching a long time ago.  I am not going to name names because that's not what this blog is about.

When I Got To College

I know that it seems like I am jumping around from middle school to high school and now to college.  But to be honest nothing really great happened in my high school or middle school year to talk about.  That's why I am skipping ahead to college because that's where I am now currently in my school career.  I had some really up's and downs in college so far.  I had some really good teachers and some really bad ones.  There seems to be a pattern here.  This semester has been quite tricky because my Yoga teacher is hard to work with.  I know what you are probably thinking "how hard can yoga be?"  Well, you would be surprised I had to do a four-page paper for my Yoga class.  Plus my teacher forgets that I have a neck issue so I can't do some stuff very well.  But, this semester is not all bad I joined the National Honor Society.  Jimmy Joins National Honor Society at College

What I Wish People Remember

I wish people remember that people who have autism are people too.  Another thing I wish people would remember is that whatever you do, you may have a big impact on someone life.  It could be either good or bad.  Also, I wish people remember to be more patient with people with autism.  Too many times I have seen videos and news about people picking on people with Autism.

It Doesn't Matter

What I notice about myself now at the age of 24 with being slightly autistic is that being different doesn't bother me.  It used to bother me because I use to be picked on in school by bullies.  I remember coming home all upset from high school each day because either one of my friends got picked on by a bully or a bully picked on me.

People Who Have Impacted Me

You know how on facebook they have those total number of friends listed? Some people have over thousands or a few hundred of friends.  Well, that used to bother me too.  But it doesn't anymore because I rather have a few close friends that I hang out in person than having over a thousand of friends.  I remember that I said to my mom one day  when I had no one to hang out with"I wish I had more friends." My mom gave me so many ideas on how to get more friends.  Of course, I did not do any of them because I was still in a turtle shell in frightening about being different and what people would think of me.

But again looking back, I am glad that I have a close circle of friends that has a special meaning to me.  Each and everyone in that circle has impacted my life somehow or another.  I could list them all but that would be a long list.  However, I will list a few of them.

  • My Karate Class Mates- They all treat me with respect, also they are nice and fun to hang out with. They treat me like I am part of a big family which I am.

  • My Friend Adam- we been friends since 3rd grade. We have been friends for 15 years. Anyone who can put up with me and my crazy thoughts for that long is a true friend

Learning Different Has Ups and Downs

Sometimes learning different has its ups and downs.  In Karate it may take me a little longer in getting the hang of a certain technique but I keep trying and keep pushing hard.  Sometimes I worry that someone in my Karate class will look at me differently, while other times I remind myself that I around adults.  Being slightly autistic has been very challenging in my life because sometimes I feel like my parent's don't understand me very well or they lose patience with me easily.


It's not all that bad, being different makes me who I am.  I wouldn't trade away my traits that make me who I am.  Remember that anyone can have a great influence on people with Autism.  Just don't treat them different, be a friend and not a bully.  I hope this helps you understand a little bit more about me.  Come back for more posts this week coming up.  Bye for now!