Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Warby Parker Support Review

warby parker support review

I love my Warby Parker glasses so much that I had to write a review about them a while back ago.  If you haven't seen it yet then here it is again.  Warby Parker Glasses ReviewToday I wanted to do a post about Warby Parker support reviews.

Always Used Optician Glasses

When I was younger I always got my glasses from the Optician.  It made sense at the time because we didn't know about Warby Parker.  So once I needed glasses again after outgrowing glasses for a while, I got another pair of glasses from my Optician.  However, this will be my last time that I will ever do that again.  However, I am not going to go into the details, since that is a totally different kind of story.

The Optician Is A Rip Off

If you ever get a chance to order glasses online, let me tell you it will make your life so much easier.  The optician route is so expensive.  My glasses that I am wearing right now cost $600-700.  If someone gets a scratch on an optician pair of lenses for frames they do not replace them easily.  I could be wrong but I believe most opticians will only replace the lenses two times and that's it.

What Makes Warby Parker Support Awesome?

Just the other day I went on Twitter and mentioned Warby Parker.  I told them about how I have 8 scratches on both of my lenses.  In the previous conversations in the past with Warby Parker they told me to keep my glasses in the case when I am not wearing them, which I do.  They also told me not to wipe them with the hem of my shirt, which I never do.

What Makes Warby Parker Support Awesome? (Part 2)

Well this time around on Twitter they said it was very strange that I keep getting scratches on both of my lenses.  I had these glasses for only 8 months and they are replacing the lenses for me free of charge.  Before this happened there were many times that Warby Parker sent me replacement frames because one ear piece was smaller.  So it didn't sit right on my face.

What Makes Warby Parker Support Awesome? ( Part 3)

So with all the hassles that I had with these glasses, you are probably wondering how can their support be awesome?  Warby Parker support is awesome because they understand how to take care of a customer.  They don't try to rip someone off like the Opticians do.  Plus I like it that I am able to tweet to their support on social media without having to call on the phone.  Another way that Warby Parker support is awesome is that each support person I have talked to either on social media or on the phone is very nice and polite.

As You Can See

As you can see Warby Parker is great in many different ways like:

  • being friendly

  • good customer support than opticians

  • they don't try to steal your money

Opticians V.S. Warby Parker Which Is The Better Choice?

Clearly Warby Parker wins over the Opticians because Warby Parker glasses start at $95 dollars.  But if you want the transition lenses that change in the sunlight that will cost $195.  Still cheaper, but overall good quality glasses at a reasonable price. 

Which One Would You Choose

Which one would you choose if you need glasses and why?  Let me know in the comments below.  If you found this post to be helpful please consider sharing it.