How To Eat More Plant Food - The Easy Way?

Eat More Plant Food

Eat More Plant Food

How To Add More Plant-Based Foods To Your Diet?

It's hard to eat mostly plant-based foods to keep a healthy life.  However, we have to admit its pretty hard to eat more vegetables.  Even our founder has trouble eating a plant-based diet.  But, don't worry we found an awesome article on a sure way to eat more plant-based foods.  It was written by Food Heaven Made Easy.

The original article was from The Quaker Oats Company.  Let's start, shall we?

  • Sneak in more veggies by adding them to burritos or add them on to a pizza.

  • Eat fruits for dessert. You can add fruits to kabobs or make fruit popsicles. We do like the sound of that fruit popsicle and we think we should try it.

  • you could also add fruit to quaker oats. Add fruit to your oatmeal or use the recipe that Food Heaven Made Easy suggested.

  • add nuts to smoothies like Shakeology

Most people stay away from nuts because they are high in fat, but remember its healthy fat, not bad fat.  Also, do not eat a whole bunch of nuts measure them out and read the food label for serving size.  We do like the how Food Heaven Made Easy suggested sneaking more veggies into soup.  The reason why is because soups have quite a lot of veggies already in them but, they are also high in sodium which is not a really good food to eat often to get veggies.   Also, We disagree with the pizza idea with veggie toppings.  If you want to eat pizza you may as well enjoy it the old fashion way as a cheat meal.


Food Heaven Made Easy is on the right track in adding more plant-based foods to your diet, however, it could be a little more healthy ideas in our opinion but we did find that article very interesting indeed.    Our founder liked the article because it gave him some ideas to help his father out in getting more veggies into his diet.  He would like to say thanks to Food Heaven Made Easily for that.