Don't Hold Back Your Shoulder Interval Workout

shoulder interval workout

shoulder interval workout

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Finished Day 3 Of Liift4 Week 2 - Shoulder Interval Workout

Today I killed it during this shoulder interval workout. Today you will found out how I killed it in this workout, and how I improved during this workout. Then you will find out what I had to stop a certain exercise.

I Killed It In The Shoulder Interval Workout

During todays shoulder interval workout I killed it because I bumped up my weights still using the correct form. For the hiit moves I went faster than last week, which was another great improvement that I saw. It’s only week two and I can see the improvements already.

Before Liift4 Shoulder Interval Workout

Before I started Beachbody on Demand and Liift4 shoulder interval workout, I use to go to gym at Retro Fitness. At the gym their were shoulder press machines and I use to them quite a bit, but I started to notice my neck was feeling stiffer than usual. So I stopped doing shoulder press, last week and this week I tried shoulder press again. I can no longer do it because its just too much for my neck.

shoulder interval workout

shoulder interval workout

During The Shoulder Interval Workout

During the shoulder interval workout, I was thinking even though I am no longer can do the shoulder press, I can still do all the other shoulder exercise. Plus its better to be safe than sorry when it comes to a condition or a prior injury.

Little Piece Of Advice

Don’t hold back during your shoulder interval workout or any type of workouts that you do. To quote my karate instructor he would say:

“If you start dogging it during class, it won’t hurt me but when you start driving home at night you will start thinking I could have done more. Then when you look in the mirror at yourself, you will not like the kind of person you see. So don’t dog it!” Karate Instructor

That’s why I never dog it because I know when I look in the mirror after karate I will not like the person I will see. Plus I never want to disappoint my karate instructor so like I said don’t hold back during your workout, give it all you got and a little bit more.


I have killed it in this shoulder interval workout, even though I had to stop doing shoulder press I remember what my Karate instructor tells me in class. Don’t dog it or you will not like the person in the mirror that you see.