Does Wearing A Hearing Aid Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid?

Does Wearing A Hearing Aid Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid

Don't Feel Bad About Wearing A Hearing Aid

Does wearing a hearing aid make you feel stupid?  Don't let it because I use to wear one all the time.  I was born deaf in my right ear.  My parents had my ear operated on when I was a baby to help me try to get my hearing back.  Sometimes the surgeries worked for a while then the device that they put in my ear did not stay in place.

But then my parents decided to get me a hearing aid.  At first, I thought it was cool and everything.  The part that goes into my ear was multi-colored.  However, it was not easy at all to maintain.  My ears get waxy all the time "Ewww," so when the hearing aid started to get dirty it whistled.  When I was growing up when I was a kid no one made fun of me for wearing one.  Another thing I did not like about wearing a hearing aid was that the batteries that they needed to work never seemed to last long.  It lasted as long as a cell phone battery for one day.  Sometimes a week if I am lucky which is not always the case lately.

When I got in high school with my hearing aid I couldn't take the students making fun of me with my hearing aid.  They laugh at me when it whistles, during class time students turn around to glare at me if the whistling continues.  I even got tired of bringing the supplies that I need to clean it to school with me.

That's when I decided to get another surgery.  I had 8 surgeries in total.  The last seven ear surgeries were unsuccessful.  During that ear surgery, I had 2 other surgeries done that same day.  One for my wisdom teeth and the other for my moles.  I had 6 wisdom teeth pulled.

If You Have A Chance Take It

If you have a chance to get surgery to hear without a hearing aid I highly recommend it.  I have a titanium built ear drum which helps me hear out of my right ear.  How sweet it that?  I have robot parts inside me.  But all funny business set aside it was well worth it.  However, if you do not get the opportunity to get surgery to fix it, then stay with your hearing aid because they work too.  Technology changes every day and the one that I had could have just been a faulty one.  Of course, I don't blame anyone for that.   You probably thinking right now "if he has a titanium eardrum, how does he not set the metal detector?"  Well, to be honest, I am not sure about that on how it works but it just does not go off.

But Remember

Don't let anyone make fun of you if you have a hearing aid.  If someone treats you like are different because you have a hearing aid make them take a walk in your own shoes and see how they feel.  Having a hearing aid is just a tool to help make you hear better.  I don't get why people would pick on that.  But any way you should not feel stupid about having to wear one it just another thing that makes you and me unique and I am proud of it!