Does Upper Fix Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid?

Upper Fix

Upper Fix

Finished Upper Fix

I finished  Upper Fix the other day.  I felt very blah in my workout the other day because my partner in Karate last night bunched the hand mitt so hard.  My arms are even shaking while writing this post.  So I am going to talk to you about upper fix.

How To Deal With A Bad Upper Fix Workout?

We all have one of those workouts where you want to push yourself very hard to keep going.  However, every nerve and muscle in my body is screaming at me to stop.  I had to take short breaks, pushups on my knees, skipped two exercises because I couldn't do them because of my neck issue.  So I was thinking how can I make the most out of this upper fix workout?

How To Deal With A Bad Finish Workout?

So how to deal with a bad finish workout like the one I was having the other day?  There is a big reason why I like Beachbody Instructors.  They make me feel motivated to do better next time.  I remember what Tony Horton says "do your best and forget the rest."  The next time if I am feeling sore before a workout like I was, I am going to sit down and foam roll.

Why Am I Sharing About This Bad Upper Fix

I am sharing with you about this bad finish workout the other day because I want to prove to you that not everything is easy for me.  Plus I wanted to show you that I can also feel stiff and injured just like everyone else.  Sometimes on social media, you see everyone showing off for the camera, but how do you know what someone is feeling when they are doing a hard workout?  The answer is you don't.

Lower Fix - Thursday

So I finished Lower Fix on Thursday and I did a better job with that than Upper Fix.  I was using my 20-pound weights for my legs.  A lot of the leg exercises that I did remind of the exercises that I did in 80 Day Obsession.  There were two exercises that I had to skip because it involved putting extra strain on my fragile neck and I was like no thank you.  I don't need neck surgery anytime soon.  But other than that I did pretty good in Lower Fix.

Pilates - Friday

Today I had to do Pilates for my workout.  I never knew what Pilates was until today.  I have heard of Pilates before, just never knew what kind of exercises were involved.  I have to be honest that I am not really a big fan of Pilates and here is why.  The first round of this workout routine it involved head and shoulders off the ground.  However, for the modifiers, we supposed to keep our shoulders and head on the ground.  It didn't matter which position that I picked, I still felt a strain in my neck.

Next Time For Pilates

The next when I have to do Pilates I am going to skip the first round and do what I can and skip the others.  I tried the modification and the modifications still do not work for my Spinal Stenosis. It's a shame, but some exercises I just can't do and that's how I am keeping this post real and telling you about my struggles too.

I hope You Enjoyed This Post

I hope that you enjoyed this post about Upper Fix, Lower Fix, and Pilates.  If you have any great ideas on how I can modify Pilates so I can do all of the exercises I would appreciate your suggestions.  If you know someone who is struggling with gaining muscle, losing weight, please consider sharing this post to help motivate them.

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