Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Stress And Anxiety?

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Stress And Anxiety Is Hard To Control

There are a lot of things in life that can cause people stress and anxiety. I stress over the little things in life most of the time. One day that I got so stressed out that something scary happened. I want to share my story with you, so that same thing doesn’t happen to you.

My Stress And Anxiety Story (Part One)

I don’t know if anyone has picked up on this yet, but I don’t like change. I don’t really care for it sometimes I don’t feel like it’s necessary. Plus I don’t always handle change in the best of ways. When I first started college I was feeling stress and anxiety on the first day. Was worried about meeting my teachers because I was late. I was late because I couldn’t find the class rooms and everything was just new to me.

man feeling stressed at his desk at work

man feeling stressed at his desk at work

My Stress And Anxiety Story (Part Two)

So even though the first semester at college wasn’t super stressful, the second and third was no walk in the park either. During my third semester in college I had to take a Math course, and let me tell you Math is not my strong suite. However, during my second semester I had a great Math teacher who was very helpful. She met with me during office hours explained everything to me in ways that made sense to me. She even broke the work down into pieces to help me take one step at a time.

My Stress And Anxiety Story (Part Two) Continuation

However, when I got to my 3rd semester in college my stress and anxiety really took off sky rocketing to the roof. When I choice to have my mouth teacher again from my second semester, but something change which didn’t help. I don’t know why things change, but my teacher didn’t show up for most of the semester. When we were near the final I didn’t feel like I was prepared and my stress and anxiety got to the best of me.

scrabble tiles that spell out anxiety

scrabble tiles that spell out anxiety

My Stress And Anxiety Got Me Into Trouble

When I am stress and anxiety is high, they tend to get me into trouble. Well, I mean I wasn’t in trouble with the law or in school, but I was in trouble with my parents because I was just barking their heads off. Not on purpose but I had a really bad headache that would not go away. That headache stayed for two or three days. I believe doctors say if the headaches stay that long, then you should go see them or go to the hospital.

My Stress And Anxiety Landed Me In The Hospital

So getting ready for the final I was very worried, and my stress and anxiety landed me in the hospital that same day. Turned out I had a tension headache. It is a mix between a headache, migraine and I forget what else the doctor said.

The Final Test

The final test was an open book test since the teacher wasn’t there most of the semester. My stress and anxiety got the best of me for no reason. Now I am trying to practice what I preach.

Sign that says stress and relax

Sign that says stress and relax

The Take Away From My Stress And Anxiety Story

The take away from my stress and anxiety story is to consider if it’s a big problem, medium problem or a big problem. Don’t let your stress and anxiety land you in the hospital!

Do You Experience Stress And Anxiety

Do you experience stress and anxiety on a daily basis?