Here Is A Quick Cure For College Failure Stories

Let’s Talk About College Failure Stories

There are so many college failure stories out there online. However, I personally want to share with you my failure story so far in my Anatomy and Physiology class.

college failure stories

Why Are We Talking About College Failure?

I try my best to be positive on my website so that everyone would come back to read it. But the last month has been really hard for me and I am not going to try to hide it. In my opinion, I feel like if I share with you the struggles that I have an encounter, you will be able to relate to me.

My College Failure Story

When I first enrolled in this college class I wasn’t expecting an easy A or an easy ride. Heck, I wasn’t expecting to memorize all this to be easy. But the one thing that caught me off guard is the ability to get into a rhythm of figuring out the material.

Study Methods That I Have Tried So Far

The first study method I tried was using this online note card service called Quizlet. It lets me create note cards, create practice tests out of the cards, and much more. This method worked for quiz one but it did not do well on test one.

The second study method that I tried was gathering information from the book. However, my teacher told me I was paying too close to the smaller detail then what's needed for the class.

Academic Failure In College

Failing college classes is a big no-no for me. I have struggled through college so far in maintaining good grades that when I saw my first F in this biology class it felt like a dagger to the heart. I can't figure out why I am failing hard this semester.

People Who Help Me Study

It's not like I am not getting help in studying this hard material for this course. I am getting help from my parents, I have a tutor, some of my Facebook and Karate friends recommended me some other study methods like YouTube videos.

Being A Student Is Hard For Me

There are some things that come easily to me than others. Heres a good example, I can figure out what's wrong with laptops and desktops easier than coming up with study methods. Now I am not saying that this class is boring or anything like that, it just I feel like all the other students in my class are getting the hang of it while I still trying to figure it out.

Back To The First Semester At Community College

Looking back over the years in my college journey so far I can see how successful I have become in learning new skills and taking in information more clearly. Somedays I wish I was like the other college students where I could understand things easier, but that's not how life works.

Plus I don't think many college students could say that they run their own websites on their free time.

group of people holding small signs with check marks and x marks on them

group of people holding small signs with check marks and x marks on them

Depression And Failure Was Hitting Me Hard

There are a lot of different kinds of depression and the other day when I was feeling just down about everything, I started to wonder if there was a type of depression called failing in school depression. Perhaps maybe even failing university depression.

I Don't Think I Ever Felt Depressed About Grades Until I Got To College

As some of you may know already I was never a big fan about going to school during middle school and high school. I even told my parents that I would never go to college, that only lasted about three years and then I enrolled in community college back in 2015.

I Am Only Taking One Class And I Am Failing All My Classes In College

I am only in one class this semester which I am grateful for, but I am still failing all of my classes in college. My point is I know how discouraging it is. I am going to tell you about a true story of the only other time I have failed another class. This was in high school at the time.

The Only Other Class That I Have Failed But It Was Not My Fault

Now you are probably wondering how can it possibly not be my fault if I failed a class in high school? Well, It's quite simple I was in a word processing class to help type faster. I was sick on the day of the final, so my mom and I asked her if I could make up the final but she said no and just gave me an F. There was still plenty of school days left that I could have made it up but she chose to be mean.

man pouring coffee into a coffee cup with the words ugh on it

man pouring coffee into a coffee cup with the words ugh on it

Failing A Class In College Is Not An Option

I have earned a lot of good grades in school throughout college, middle school and high school. I am not going to let this class become my second failed class if I can help it. I am going to make a comeback just like my favorite college basketball team did this past Tuesday night.

Duke Blue Devils Comeback Success Story

I am a huge Duke Blue Devils fan since the first time ever watching one of their games on TV with my Dad. Unfortunately, I didn't stay up late enough on Tuesday night to watch the biggest comeback in the history of college basketball.

Here’s A Small Recap Of Tuesday Night Game

The Duke Blue Devils were playing against Louisville who was winning by 23 points in the second half. All of the Duke fans thought the game was over, however, they were dead wrong. The last 6 minutes of the game Duke started making these unbelievable 3 point shots.

Duke managed to steal the ball from Louisville a few times. Even the announcer of the game said: "if I was the opposing team I would be pretty intimidated by the Duke Blue Devils." With only 1 minute left in the game, Duke was up by 2 points.

Duke won the game by 2 points after trailing Lousiville 23 points the whole game. Coach K never disappoints, in my opinion, he is the best coach that ever lived.

After That Game, I Felt Motivated

After watching the highlights of that amazing game where Duke made a huge comeback in just 6 minutes, then I can make a comeback out of this mess I am in with my Biology class in college.

Other Motivational Success Stories

I always try to remind myself of other motivational success stories that I had when I was in school or growing up. One of the bigger accomplishments that I still feel proud of and always will be was the day I took a stand against the three bullies. Now I am not going to go into that story since that would be off topic to this post but it will be a day that I will never forget.


Failing a college class really sucks and I can complain all I want about it. But instead, I am going to turn around my grade by improving my studying skills, getting more help from the teacher, more help from my tutor, and find other resources to help me bump my grade.

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