Proof That COLD TURKEY APP REVIEW Really Works

Cold Turkey App Review

Today I want to talk about this productivity tool called Cold Turkey App. Before we get started I want to that this tool actually works and I will tell you all about it in this review.

What Is Cold Turkey App?

Cold Turkey is an application that blocks distracting websites likes Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Pinterest. besides being able to block websites and social media, I think the best thing about using this application is that it helps me focus on the stuff that I need to get done.

What Are Some Of The Features Of Cold Turkey?

Block the internet

Control how much time you are on social media

Set a schedule for block applications

Lock the settings with a password

Create a break allowance for the different apps and websites

Which Devices Does This Software Support?

Currently, they support an Android and Ios phone app which is free. However, due to how strict mobile development has gotten in the past years Cold Turkey settings on windows will not sync and will never sync with their mobile apps. As I just said they have a windows version which is also free.

They also have a browser extension that you can get when you download their application for windows. Cold Turkey supports Chrome, Chrome Dev, and Chrome Beta. They Support Firefox, and Vivaldi plus they also support Opera as well. I think they might be working on a Microsoft Edge version soon, and they don't have one yet for Yandex.

How Much Does Cold Turkey App Cost?

Cold Turkey is free on Windows and mobile devices, however, if you want to help support the developer of this awesome product that he created there is a pro version that is a one time payment that cost $25.

What Do I Get With The Pro Version?

With the pro version for this nifty little tool you will get these amazing features which are:

Unlimited application blocking

Unlimited website exceptions



Daily time limits

Pomodoro-like breaks sprints

Block specific web pages

Block the entire internet wild cards

Device lockout frozen turkey

Customize the block page

That's Not The Only Application That The Developer Made

The developer who created Cold Turkey also made another application called Cold Turkey Writer, I personally haven't used it yet but maybe in the future, I will. His writer Application looks promising and since it's developed by the same developer then it must be just as good as Cold Turkey.

What If I Have Questions Or Concerns Who Do I Contact?

You can contact the developer through a form on their support page.

What Is Support Like?

I think there is only one person who developed Cold Turkey Blocker and Cold Turkey Writer, his name is Felix. Sometimes developers and I do not work together well because they sometimes talk down to you like you don't know what you are talking about. Well, Felix is different he treats me with respect and I show him respect as well.

Let me give you an example of some of the things he has helped me with. Yesterday I installed a browser that is currently not supported by his tool. At that time I uninstalled Chrome on my computer and since the browser that I have download was not compatible with Cold Turkey I was basically locked out of my browser.

I needed to get back into my browser as soon as possible, so I decided to contact Felix. He usually gets back within a day or two, however, he got back to me on the same day and helped me uninstall his tool for the time being. I reinstalled his tool and now I am just waiting and hoping for him to support Yandex web browser.

How Do You Uninstall Cold Turkey?

Even well-developed applications can sometimes have bugs or in my case lock me out of applications and you just need to uninstall temporarily. There used to be a link on his website where you just had to download this exe file which uninstalls Cold Turkey instantly. However, I think now you just have to contact Felix in order to uninstall it, I could be wrong so don't quote me on that.

What Do I Use Cold Turkey For?

When I was using Cold Turkey in Chrome I was using it for setting time limits on social media and on Runescape. I also gave myself a daily allowance of 25 mins of watching YouTube videos so I don't waste my day watching videos. I forgot to mention that I was using the pro version at the time.

To be honest I don't know what I am going to do without Cold Turkey Blocker because I don't want to go back to Chrome on my laptop due to using a lot of CPU usage on my computer. Perhaps maybe in the next update, Felix will make it compatible for Yandex since they now accept Chromium extensions.

Overall Review Of Cold Turkey Blocker

Like I said before I feel like this is the best productivity tool. Support is awesome, well-made features, affordable price, and in my opinion there is no tool out there that offers any close to this tool.

Who Is Cold Turkey For?

I feel like Cold Turkey Blocker is aimed for anyone who wants to be more productive on their computers, instead of looking at social media all day.

What Are You Waiting For Start Being More Productive Now With Cold Turkey

If you have just finished this article and you are ready to be more productive then what are you waiting for? Go get Cold Turkey Blocker right now and stop wasting time on the internet. Buy Cold Turkey now. If you are not satisfied with this product Felix also offers a 30-day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Check Out Some Of Cold Turkey Views

Here are some views in the Cold Turkey App, I hope you enjoyed this review and see you back here on Monday for a post.

cold turkey blocker pro

cold turkey blocker pro

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cold turkey schedule feature

Cold Turkey blocking distracting sites

Cold Turkey blocking distracting sites

Cold Turkey stats feature

Cold Turkey stats feature