How Can You Get Sick At The Gym?

Sick at the gym

Eww Just Ewww

So we just found the most disgusting article that we ever read.  We found this article on  This article talked about multiple ways getting sick from the gym.  Thank goodness our founder does not go to the gym anymore.  Disclaimer:  we are not responsible if you get sick or grossed out by this post.

How Can You Get Sick At The Gym?

Well, there is no surprise that there is multiple ways you can get sick from the gym.  Here is a list of ways that can make you sick from the gym.

  • The Gym Equipment - Most gyms have rules that require people to clean off the equipment when they are finished using it. However, some people don't listen to those rules.

  • Reusable Water Bottles - Some gyms have reusable water bottles...ewww. Many of these water showed traces of coliform" bacteria. These germs come from people poop from poor hand washing. We are totally grossed out.

  • Pools - Pools are filled with chlorine. Some people say that when you smell chlorine that the pools are clean. That is totally wrong. The stronger the chlorine scent the dirtier the pool is. There are many germs that are anti-resistant to chlorine. One of the germs that are anti-resistant to chlorine is called Cryptosporidium. Cryptosporidium can cause diarrhoea which can be transmitted through pool water.

  • Yoga Mats - Cold like flu symptoms can be found on yoga mats and they can live there multiple years. We are so glad that we have our own yoga mats.

  • Gym Towels - Gym towels are not regulated to be cleaned. However, the ones that come from hotels and hospitals must be cleaned on a regular basis. Stay away from the gym towels because you don't know what can be on them.

  • Your Own Gym Bag - Your own gym bag can get you sick because another germ from poop called fordangerous coliform bacteria can end up in your gym bag from not washing your hands well enough.

  • Water Fountains - Water fountains can have more germs than a toilet.

Too Many Ways

There you have it seven too many ways to get sick at a gym.  Sorry if we ruined your appetite for lunch or dinner.  Our founder said he is going to stay away from the YMCA when he is done with his lessons there.  Will you do the same?

Photo by .v1ctor Casale.