Buy A Google Home Mini That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Buy A Google Home Mini

Buy A Google Home That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

We promise that this is not another lame sales pitch.  But we would like to tell you about how we use our Google Home Mini.  When you first buy a Google Home Mini, you start wondering "how can this little device be helpful to me?"  Well, today we are going to talk about how buying a Google Home Mini has made our life better.

What Can The Google Home Mini Do?

Google Home Mini can do a lot of useful things like calling peoples phone, checking the weather outside, setting timers, asking questions or asking Google to tell a joke.  Oh, come on you can't tell us that you never thought about asking Google for a joke before.  We all thought about it before.  Google Home Mini can add events to your calendar.  Google can also remind you of things too.  For an example just say "Hey Google, remind me to do the laundry,"  next time when you have to do laundry Google will remind you.  She can also play music through Google Play Music, Pandora, and Spotify.

What Do We Use It For?

We use the Google Home Mini to contact our founder when he is out of the office in case of an emergency on the website.  Another way we use the Google Home Mini is by asking about the weather for the day.  We also ask Google about upcoming events on our calendar.  When we are not busy at work, we listen to music on the Google Home Mini.  Time to break out those air guitars!

How Does Our Founder Use The Google Home Mini?

Our founder uses the Google Home Mini like we do, but with one exception.  Remember his last post about he was feeling depressed during this past weekend?  Oh yeah, we forgot it was yesterdays post.  Oh well, if you missed it then here it is again just as a friendly recap.  Am I Depressed Tips You Need To Learn Now.  When our founder finds out Google is penalizing this website he talks back to Google Home Mini because he gets frustrated when there are no warnings from Google that our website is getting penalized.  We know it's not very productive, but sometimes you just need something to vent at, right?

As You Can See

As you can see when you buy a Google Home Mini, there are many ways you can benefit from having a Google Home or Google Home Mini in your life to make it better.  If you are Interested in buying the Google Home Mini you can buy it here at BestBuy