You Will Never Thought That Owning A Bum Workout Could Be So Beneficial!


Finished Day 72 & 73 Of 80 Day Obsession

Today's workout was all about the bum.  Or for those of you who like to refer to it as the bass.  But before we can get into the last two days of my 80 Day Obsession workouts, first we need to have a little recap for all the newcomers.  For those who are new to our website then you probably have missed my last 80 Day Obsession post.  Well, here it is in case you have missed it.  Finished Day 71- 80 Day Obsession.  Now let's see how I did on bum day!

Today- Bum Workout

So today I had to work my bum out.  Working on the bass, hehe.  I started my workout a little later this morning, wish that didn't happen.  But sometimes cooking breakfast takes longer than it seems.  What I am really proud of today is that one of the exercises called the hinge where we used exercise loops.

I moved up to the blue loop!  I am so excited because the blue loop is very hard.  But hard doesn't mean impossible.  Another thing that I improved upon in today's workout is that I used weights on the sliders.  Last few weeks I didn't use weights on one of the slider exercises because I was finding my balance and plus I was kind of scared to try it.  What a relief that I went outside my comfort zone.

Saturday - Cardio Core

I did Cardio Core on Saturday.  Since it was the weekend I didn't necessarily feel like doing it because I am exhausted after a long week of school, and I already did eight workouts during the week.  But I am glad that I pushed myself to finish it.  After today I have only one more exercise to do in phase three and then I move on to peak week.  Oh boy, I wonder what that will be like?  All in good time, right?

For The Rest Of The Week

So now that we talked about bum workout, let's talk about the rest of the week.  I will be posting during the rest of this week, because I am so close to being done my 80 Day Obsession journey, I thought I will post about my updates after they happen each day until I am finished.  How does that sound?  The reason why I came up with this method for this week is that the last time where I have finished a phase I was also starting the next phase.  Here is what I mean.  Check out this title for this post.  Finished Phase One And Started Phase Two.  See what I mean?  If not that's okay.  All I just want to say is that you are stuck with me for the week.

If You Are Interested...

If you are interested in shaping your bum then here are two tools that you might be interested in trying.  One of them is the 80 Day Obsession with Annual Beachbody On Demand & Shakeology.  Another tool that you might like is Brazil Butt Lift DVD Workout.  I am going, to be honest with everyone that I did not try the Brazil Butt Lift DVD workout, but I am just throwing out options for everyone in case you are interested in shaping your bum.

Now Go Shape It

Now go shape your bum with some of these awesome tools.  There should be no excuses why you can't have that perfect round bum now.  I hope you found this post helpful!