Doing Best Way to Follow Your Dreams the Right Way

Doing Best Way to Follow Your Dreams the Right Way

Doing Best Way to Follow Your Dreams the Right Way

Following your dreams is important in life or you might look back at your life and regret not following your dreams.  I want to talk about the best way to follow your dreams. 

Following My Dreams

I always want to follow my dreams to have a happy and satisfying life.  Want to know what my dreams are?  My dreams are to be my own boss and acquire the knowledge to become a personal trainer.  I don't want to be any ordinary personal trainer in my local area, I want to be a personal trainer online to reach everyone around the world.  One of the best ways to follow your dreams is to have a plan to reach your dream goal.

The Best Way To Follow Your Dreams Step By Step

  • Write it down - when you have a dream it's important to write it down so you don't forget about it. The best place to write it down is in a journal

  • Share it with someone - share your dream with someone that can help motivate you along the way. Because when tough times come up you will need the support, trust me.

  • Figure out how to obtain that knowledge to make that dream come true

  • Be persistent and never give up

Step One Check - Kinda

Eventually, I am going to write down my dream in my journal, but before I do that I been staying it over in my head every single day so I never forget it.  Perhaps that's another option.

Step Two Check

The first person I told about my dream was one of my best friends.  He has been motivating me when I wanted to give up and call it quits running this website.

Step Three - Work In Progress

I am still in college working on my personal training degree.  I have hit a bunch of road bumps in college, but I still want my degree because I owe it to myself to continue to better myself.  I started college later in life, I didn't start college until the fall of 2015.  When I finished high school I told myself and everyone that I would never go to college because I disliked school so much.  Well, I was totally wrong, that streak lasted for 3 years and then I gave in to go to college.  During the time I am in college I have been learning nonstop about how to run a successful website.  Yes, I have hit a lot of bumps along the way, but with everyone's patience, I keep moving forward.

Step Four - Major Work In Progress

I am still being persistent in becoming a personal trainer and running an awesome website.  But I would like to work on my persistence to get angry all the time when something doesn't go right on my website.  Then I start talking down to myself and then I eventually start draining all the energy that I have in my body.  It's not a good feeling.

Be Prepared For People Not Seeing Your Dream

I am not going to name names of those people who do not see my dreams because that will just cause me to get upset.  I wish the people that surround me every day would see the big picture.  I don't want to be an accountant, work a 9-5 job like everyone else, sit behind a desk all day or work in retail.  People say to me your dream doesn't sound possible or I don't know how you can make any income from your website.  Want to know what I say to those people?  I would say to them that how can that be a question?  Amazon, Walmart, Beachbody, eBay, etc.  They are all examples of websites that can make money online.  If they can do it, then why can't I?  I know I am not selling stuff online, but I found some good ways to start making some revenue.

The Last Best Way To Follow Your Dreams

The last best way to follow your dreams is to ignore people suggestions in trying to take another direction.  I know there are other ways to get my personal training certificate by taking 100 question test, but I decided to take the college route because then I have time to learn on how to create a successful website.  Some of those personal trainer tests are not even worth the paper that they are printed on.  So yea, I like the route I am following.  I am just tired of people suggesting other routes, to avoid this long path.  This summer I had to drop out of the summer course to go back and learn high school biology and chemistry.  Nothing comes easy without putting in a lot of hard work and effort, am I right?  Now you have the power and the steps to for the best way to follow your dreams.

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