Understanding The Background Of Best Free Apps For Positive Thinking.

best free apps for positive thinking

Everyone Needs To Be More Positive

I know for myself I need to work on being more positive in life.  Plus I think everyone needs to be more positive in life.  Here are the best free apps for positive thinking.


If you watch a lot of motivational videos on youtube, you find yourself wasting a lot of precious time.  Instead of finding motivational youtube videos, check out Motivate.  In the free version, you can get up to 5 free daily motivational videos in the app.  All you have to do is open up the app and push play.  You can also listen to the app while your phone is in sleep mode, so you can listen to it on the go.  If you want the pro version of the app it will cost you 12 dollars per month or 96 dollars a year.  When you buy the pro version you will get access to their entire library full of motivational videos and you can even check out curated playlist.   Check It Out: Motivate IOS


Self-talk is a very powerful way to keep yourself positive or negative.  ThinkUp keeps you thinking positive.  The encouraging affirmations help you develop a healthy mindset.  All you need to do is record you saying the affirmation in the app or the ones that you have written.  Listen to them at least 5 mins once a day.  With the free plan, you can record up to 4 affirmations and use a single piece of background music.  In the pro version for 5 dollars per month or 24 dollars a year, you can get unlimited storage for affirmations and lets you use multiple pieces of music.  Check It Out: ThinkUp IOS | ThinkUp Android


This app describes itself as a life coach and habit tracker.  it focuses on building the right habits to improve your life.  Just choose a goal like work out four times a week.   Then the app will tell you which habits to adopt to reach your goal.  Habits are introduced one at a time.  You can also add other habits to progress faster.  Plus you can also add custom habits that fit your personal goals.  With the free version, there is only a single goal.  However, if you buy the pro version which cost 10 dollars per month or 96 dollars per year you can get more goals.  Check It Out: Fabulous IOS | Fabulous Android


This app gives you speeches, pep talks, and other motivational audio files.  You can sort by channel, category, or speaker to get exactly the pep talk you need.  Some of the speakers that are in the app include CT Fletcher, William Hollis, the Mulligan Brothers, Mel Robbins, and Tim Ferriss.  Unfortunately, if you are a fan of Tony Robbins his voice is not in the app.  What a bummer, am I right?  You can also add your commute to the app, then you can fill your commute with a bunch of motivational pep talks.  With the pro version for 10 dollars per month or 50 dollars a year you can get an ad-free experience, offline downloads, new daily pep talks, and a dedicated Facebook group.  Check It Out: Peptalk IOS 

Motivation Quotes

This motivational app has hundreds of quotes to boost your drive.  You can save or share the quote of the day.  Plus you can also get motivational reminders on a set schedule.  With the pro version for 5 dollars a month or 36 dollars a year, you won't see ads can browse by category, and get more color and font options.

As You Know...

As you know I need to be more positive in life.  If you don't know what I mean then check out these other posts that shows my true colors.

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I think I am going to try out Fabulous because I feel like I could use a life coach right now.  Plus I wouldn't mind to learn new productive habits to help me live a positive life.

Which App Are You Going To Try First?

Which one of these five apps will you try first?  If you have already tried some of these apps in the past let me know which one that you like the most and which one was not your most favorite.

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