Being Treated Differently Sucks

Being Treated Differently Sucks

Being Treated Differently Sucks

A Little Bit About Our Founder

For those of you who don't know about our founder, then let us tell you a little bit about him.  Jimmy has Autism which means he learns differently than others.  He wishes that people would understand him better when they meet him.  To learn more about our founder you can check out this page here.  Founder’s Background StoryToday's post is about how being treated differently sucks.

Being Treated Differently

Our founder was treated differently today in a different kind of way.  Two people from his class spoke to each other about the group project plans in front of Jimmy, without even acknowledging he was there.  Jimmy was all kinds of upset when he got home so we offered to post for him today.

This Wasn't The First Time Either...

When Jimmy first enrolled in this class he got treated differently by the same two people.  Our founder has always tried to make small talk to people to be friendly with them.  However, time and time again each attempt failed.  Jimmy introduced himself the on the first day of class and said that he founded a website.  The people in the group snickered at the name CrazyFitnessGuy and kind of crushed Jimmy's dreams.

Trying To Shrug It Off

Jimmy has been trying to shrug it off and not trying to make a whole big deal about it.  But he doesn't like going to this class because no one seems to want to work with Jimmy.  No one is eager to invite Jimmy into their small groups.  He also feels very uncomfortable in the class and just sits there quietly because no one wants to talk to him.   We don't think Jimmy will have much luck in shrugging it off because that's not Jimmy's personality.  When our founder is bothered by something he tends to hold on to it.  Not saying its right, but that's how his brain works.

Have You Ever Experience This?

Have you ever experience this before?  If so what happened and what did you do about it?

Being Treated Differently Sucks

Being treated differently sucks so let's not treat people different anymore.   Don't we have more important things to do in our lives then treat people like this?