Want An Easy Fix For Your Autumn Calabrese Plyo Fix? Read This!


Autumn Calabrese Plyo Fix Is No Joke

I am going to talk to you about Autumn Calabrese Plyo Fix and how it is no joke.  By the time you are done reading this article, you will understand what went on in Plyo Fix.  Then I am going to teach you an easy fix on how to dig a little deeper to get the most out of the workout without losing proper form.

Autumn Calabrese Plyo Fix - Thursday

Yesterday I finished Autumn Calabrese Plyo Fix.  To be honest with everyone I was sorta surprised that my body pushed through hard because I only got 6 hours on Wednesday night.  Not a smart idea, but I had to fix something for my website.  Now for those who do not know what Plyo is then let me tell you.  Plyo is a lot of jumping around and it really makes you sweat and breath really hard.

How Did I Do With Autumn Calabrese Plyo Fix

So you are probably wondering how did I do with Autumn Calabrese Plyo Fix?  In my own opinion, I felt like I did very well.  I followed the modifier on some of the exercises so I don't blow out my knees.  When I felt like I was getting the move down correctly with the correct form I decided to push myself a little harder and try to keep up with Autumn Calabrese.

Dirty Dozen Workout 21 Day Fix  - Today

This morning when I found out there was another dirty workout like Dirty Thirty, I was like ruh-roh what did I get myself into?  But it wasn't totally outrageously crazy.  It's funny how the names seem to scare me a little bit lol.  In my opinion, I feel like the names are there for a reason to scare us to death when it wasn't that bad.

How Did I Do In Dirty Dozen Workout 21 Day Fix

I felt like I did pretty good just like yesterday.  I lifted quite medium to heavyweights.  So around 15- 20-pound weights.  I think on a few of the exercises for next time I could probably increase my weights.  Other than that I feel like I did my best that I could and that I did not dog it.  If you ever feel like you are dogging a workout you won't feel good about yourself afterward, trust me I know the feeling.

Easy Fix That I Found Okay With In Autumn Calabrese Plyo Fix And Dirty Dozen 21 Day Fix

If you are ever feeling like oh man I don't feel like working out today because I am tired, you should still go workout.  Heres a few reasons why.

  • Your body will wake up during the workout - once your blood starts flowing through your body, your body will wake up

  • Your stress will be gone - when I work out my stress is gone and I feel like I can do anything. Check out Mayo Clinic Exercise And Stress

My easy fix for you is to modify during your workout.  Listen to your body during some of these workouts I modify because of my neck issue or I feel like maybe I am starting to dog it a little bit.  But then I hop into modifying mode and I can still push through the workout.


I did very well in Autumn Calabrese Plyo Fix and in Dirty Dozen workout 21 Day Fix workout.  I am into the second week of 21 Day Fix and I am going to push past my limits in these next few workouts left.  Now that you know my easy fix about modifying when you need to or your body is telling you to, listen to it.

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