Autism Awareness Is Very Important

Autism Awareness Is Very Important

Changing Up The Posts A Little

I would like everybody to teach everyone about Autism Awareness.   My team is busy working on a few things so I decided to share something I learned about myself last night.  Before we begin when I tell you about what I learned please do not judge me because it took me time before I started to notice.  If you are confused about what I am talking about right now, then we should probably move on to the story so you will find out.


Remeber that one post about Autism I wrote called What Everyone Ought To Know About Autism 

Well, I found out a few more things about myself.  I don't feel bad about it, but I felt like sharing it today because I want everyone to get to know me more and share a great way on how, to sum up, the meaning of Autism to people who don't understand what Autism is.

What I learned....

So last night while I was talking to my two karate instructors it took me longer to get the joke out.  I find it kind of frustrating I never really understood why it happens.  My Mom says that my brain wonders and I just have to get back on track.  However, that's not the case.  On the way home from karate I was thinking to myself why does it take me longer to say the sentence that I want and sometimes the sentence I want to say doesn't even come out of my mouth.  Also, other times the sentence comes out in a random order.

It's another symptom of Autism.  Do you remember how I said don't judge me for what I am going to tell you?  Well, here it comes.  I knew when I was younger that I was different. How did I know?  I knew because every bully picked on me for something different.  I never knew what Autism meant until I was older around high school or college.

Could Be Worse

I am one of those lucky ones where I don't need help often and I can do stuff by myself.  When I was younger I thought everyone was the same.  What I mean is that when I was younger I didn't really have a clue on what Autism was or did I really notice that I was different until I got bullied.  But, actually, I don't mind being different.  Also, there is no such thing as normal.  I can remember funny lines from movies, tv shows, books, radio, video games.  Funny thing is I don't remember anything in my classes from when I was younger.  Ehh oh well could be worse.

My New Favorite Line

As you might know by now I am obsessed with the show Stranger Things.  Here are a few reasons why I like the show so much. Remeber this my last post about Stranger Things.  If not here is a recap.  Everyone Loves Stranger Things

  1. The actors who play the characters in the show are friends in real life

  2. Funny lines

  3. Great story

One of my favorite lines is when Jonathan was sitting on his younger bed.  Will was telling Jonathan that he wishes he was normal.  Jonathan said to him being normal is not great and he rather be friends with zombie boy.

How To Sum It Up?

Well, when I was on the way home from karate last night I was thinking "how can I sum up Autism to someone who doesn't understand?"  It's quite simple really, Autism is basically a puzzle piece, right?  Well last night when I wanted to talk to my two karate instructors I felt like I was mixing up the puzzle pieces and I also know that my brain can easily create sentences fast but sometimes I can't get the words out, creating a different version of the sentence than what I wanted in the first place and it comes out wrong.

I am thankful to people who surround me to take the time to listen to me carefully because they may miss out on what I am saying if you don't pay attention.  Because after all, I do have a lot of stuff to share with the world one story at a time!