All You Need To Know About Beachbody Lift4

Beachbody Lift4

Beachbody Lift4

Beachbody Lift4 Coming Soon

Remember how I told you about Beachbody Lift4 in another post. If not then lets have a quick reminder. The Story of Beachbody Liift4 Has Just Gone Viral. Well now it’s really close around the corner. October 1st is next Monday and that’s when Liift 4 comes out to everyone on Beachbody on Demand. Like I said Beachbody Lift4 coming soon!

Since Beachbody Lift4 Coming Soon Very Soon

Since Beachbody Lift4 coming soon very soon, I am stopping my 21 Day Fix journey until after Lift4 because I am just starting to feel better from being under the weather. However, I will come back to 21 Day Fix after Lift4 and finish what I started. I owe it to myself to finish what I have started. I have 8 more days to go in 21 Day Fix.

More Information About Beachbody Lift4

Beachbody Lift4 lasts for 8 weeks and each workout lasts for 30 to 40 minutes. It’s four times a week and I am looking forward to it. It supposed to be weight lifting at the begining of the workout and then it supposed to be cardio near the end of the workout to burn out your muscles. Sounds like fun to me!

Perhaps I Peaked Your Interest About Beachbody Lift4

Maybe I got you interested in Beachbody Lift4? If I did great then what should you do about your interest? Sign-up via this Beachbody Lift4 link right here, and then I will be come your own Beachbody coach to help motivate you through the program.

Invite Your Family And Friends To Sign-Up For Beachbody Lift4

So far I got both of my parents to do Beachbody Lift4 with me. It took some persuading to do that, but I am looking to spend some quality time with them while doing this awesome workout that will begin this Monday! Just to keep the motivation going I will be posting each day at the end of each workout on how I did. Invite your family and friends to sign-up for Beachbody Lift4 via my Beachbody Lift4 link.

Will You Be Joining Me For Beachbody Lift4

Will you be joining me this Monday for Beachbody Lift4? I hope see you sign-up under my Beachbody Lift4 link so we can get through this program together. Enough said.

What Equipment Is Required For Beachbody Lift4

Here is the required equipment for Beachbody Lift4:


Water Bottle

Okay the water bottle is not required, but it’s good to have one for these kinds of workouts because being dehydrated is bad for you.


I am ready and super excited for Beachbody Lift4, are you?