A Difficult Decision Story With A Surprising Ending

A Difficult Decision Story

Have you ever experienced a difficult decision before? Well, I have and they are not fun to make. I am going to take you through a difficult decision story.

man leaning against the wall under a spotlight

man leaning against the wall under a spotlight

The last few weeks I been moping around because I just can’t make any progress in this Anatomy and Physiology class.  

I am getting help from my tutor, parents, and friends.  No matter what I study I seem to fail in this

class and it has put a big rain cloud over my head.  

man jumping in the middle of the road in a desert

man jumping in the middle of the road in a desert

The last two weeks I took a break from posting on my website to recapture some energy that I lost in just one month in this class.  

Yesterday when I got my quiz back I failed again and that was my last straw.  Something needed to change, I didn’t know what but I just had that feeling.

group of people working around a table

group of people working around a table

I came into this class prepared to study my butt off, I wasn’t expecting an easy grade or an easy ride, but I wasn’t expecting to have to be a mind reader to figure out what I had to study to do well on the test.

Let me give you an example if the professor told me to study a, he gives me b.  I know it was a four credit course but this was impossible. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

I found the material very interesting to learn, it’s not like I fell asleep during class.  It was cool to see all the muscles, ligaments, and bones up close in person.

picture of a laptop with the word Netflix on the screen

picture of a laptop with the word Netflix on the screen

I didn’t have distractions that got in the way of studying.  It’s not like Runescape or working on my website got in the way.  Thanks to Cold Turkey Blocker I wasn’t distracted by that or social media.

Have you ever failed a test or quiz that you study your butt off for and you still failed?  

If you have experienced failing a quiz or a test that you study your butt then you can understand and relate to how I am feeling.  

The emotions that I have gone through in the last few weeks are depressed, confused, frustration, helpless.  There are probably hundreds of words that one could use to describe how I was feeling.

When I saw my quiz grade yesterday I was like “not again.”  I reached out to multiple people to see if they knew anyone that could help me improve my grade.  

Before March 27th, 2019 I need to improve my grades or I will have to withdraw from this course.  At least it won’t penalize my GPA in college.

So the clock is ticking and the class will only get harder from here on out.  I am staring down the three cross roads that lay before me. Struggling which road should I continue down.

picture of fork in the road

picture of fork in the road

Looking at these three options and picking one will decide my future.  Here are my three options that I am facing.

  1. Continue with this class that I am failing and hope for the best

  2. Withdraw from the course, but then I have to take four biology courses instead of just one

  3. Get my personal training certification online, but keep in mind that not all certifications can get me in any door that I want

These three options scare me because I don’t like making very big decisions on my own at times.

Let’s say I go down path one I will have to figure out a way to study for this next test on muscles by this Tuesday.  

If I go down path two I will have to take four total biology classes, however I can take two of them online and it sounds like both of them would count.

At least if I take the two online courses I will get to learn at my own pace, plus Physiology and Anatomy will be two separate classes instead of both of them in just one class which I am in right now.

Looking down at path three I could study for a big test which might or might not cover everything I need to learn to be certified.  

Years ago I met with this one personal trainer with my job coach to ask her some questions about what she does.  

I believe she told me that she took the personal training certification test, but there were only a few of them that will get you into any door that you want.

There was a website that predicted the future of each career and it said a bachelor's degree in personal training would be better than a certificate.

Again this was like 3 or 4 years ago that I looked at the website and now I forget what that website was called.

So that’s one reason why I was going to college to get my degree in exercise and wellness.  

Plus I also have something to prove to myself.  After high school I said I was never going to college because I hated high school.

So picking one of these three paths will not be easy, that’s why I am asking friends, family members and other professors their opinions.

Sometimes picking the longer road might be the better option because I can’t learn at a super fast pace with the type of Autism that I have.

I have nonverbal learning disorder which means I learn betting when the material is broken down into smaller pieces.  

Some people are probably wondering if that is your preferred learning method, then why did you choose a hard class like this?

The simple answer is because it is the fastest method to get towards my end goal, plus I thought in a 15 week semester the material would be chunked smaller.

But I was wrong at that too, I tried taking this course last semester but then I eventually dropped because it was to fast paced.

The take away from this class is that I tried my best and I asked for help on many occasions, but I didn’t get the help that I needed.  So now it’s time to regroup and try another path. Which path will I choose next?

The next path that I am considering is path number two because that way I can finish the high school biology course online, and then go right into high school chemistry.


Plus I am still moving towards my end goal, but I am just taking the more scenic route than a hard shortcut to navigate.  I am constantly reminding myself during yesterday and today that I am not giving up, I am just finding another route so I don’t risk my health in this class.

What Is Your Opinion?

Do you think path two will workout in the end for me, why or why not.  Let me know in the comments below, I look forward to reading your comments.