Finished Day 5,6, And 7 Of 80-Day Obsession

Finished day 5, 6, and 7

Finished day 5, 6, and 7

The Next Workout On The 80 Day Obsession Workout Calendar

The next workout on the 80 day obsession workout calendar is another hard workout.  As you may know that I am still continuing to my 80-Day Obsession journey strong.  If you have missed the last few days of my journey then let me share with you a recap of my progress so far.

Saturday Day 5 - Legs

If you think you know leg day, then think again.  This leg day was no joke.  It was one of the hardest leg days that I ever experienced before in my life.  My mother and I had to do sumo squats, lunges, balance exercises, and other rigorous exercises.  At one point I felt like my butt muscles will break through my skin at any point.  Sorry for the graphic details but, I thought it would be a good description of this exercise routine.

Sunday Day 6 - Cardio Flow

This cardio workout will make your lungs burn.  Why may you ask?  Well, because the first move in the routine is called inchworms.  You have to roll down with straight legs and then crawl out with your arms and then roll back up again.  there are only 10 moves but it's 31 min total though.  I was wondering how can it only be 10 moves and 31 mins long.  Well, here is the thing, Autumn who is the trainer in the video gives you the first two moves in the beginning and then adds moves.  But once you have done the last move that she added to the sequence you have to start right back at inchworms again.  You will have to do that all the way up to all 10 exercises  Don't do that at 5 pm in the afternoon because your brain will start telling you that you don't want to do it.

Monday Day 7 - Rest

Today is my rest day, thank goodness!  I am so exhausted from this workout after week one.  I have to be honest my mom made me look ahead in the week with her.  I know I said I wasn't going to but, she made me because my mom wanted to plan out her schedule around it.  However, I am going to tell my mom that in the future I do not want to look ahead because then I will start to feel overwhelmed with this workout program.

Come Back Tomorrow

Come back tomorrow and check out how I did with tomorrow workout.  I hope I can make it through day 8 of this program.  Do you think I will be able to?  My mom will not be joining me on the workout tomorrow because she is visiting her friend.  However, it will be interesting if she will be able to motivate herself to do it when she gets home.  Time will tell, right?  Let's see whats next on the 80 day obsession workout calendar tomorrow.