80 Day Obsession Is Coming January 20th 2018 - Join Our Founder

80 Day Obsession Is Coming Soon

80 Day Obsession Is Coming Soon

80 Day Obsession Is Comming

Would you like to join Jimmy's challenge group on facebook for the 80 Day Obsession is coming out on Beachbody on Demand on January 20th, 2018.   Of course, our crazy founder is going to be doing it.  If you would like to join our founder on social media for motivation, check-ins, and inspiration.  Then you should sign-up now and let Jimmy coach you to a healthier new you in the new year!  Here is a sneak peak of the new program Sneak Preview Of The 80 Day Obsession

How Will The Challenge Group On Facebook Work?

So you are probably wondering how this will work?  Jimmy will be hosting a challenge group on Facebook. It will be a private group so no one on the outside will be able to look in on the group.  Jimmy will have posts that will have a check-in title in the post for each day during the 80 Day Obsession.  You will be able to comment on those posts to share how you are doing during the day.  Jimmy will also provide motivation and inspiring quotes in the group too.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for 80 Day Obsession and Jimmy's challenge group on Facebook?  If so then sign-up here before it's too late.  You will be able to ask our founder anything during this 80-day challenge.  If you need help in getting started on your weight loss adventure then let Jimmy help you get started in the new year! Here is the link to sign-up now!  Don't wait too long or you will miss out!  http://bchbody.life/2B1ROuw