80 Day Obsession AAA Workout - Peak Week


Finished Day two Of Peak Week

I finished day two of peak week.  Today was 80 Day Obsession AAA workout.  It went back to phase one of AAA.  OMG, I was not expecting that.  Before I can dive into today's workout I have to provide a little recap of yesterday post for all the newcomers to the website.


If you have missed yesterdays post because you were busy, or perhaps it's your first time to this unique website, then you must read yesterday post before you can continue reading this one.  The History of 80 Day Obsession Cardio Flow Exercises.

Today - AAA (Phase One)

Today I have totally surprised myself because I didn't know I had the strength in my legs to use double blue exercise loops.  It was a two by 15 day today.  Meaning I had to do each exercise for 2 sets for a total of 15 reps.  I think I even made progress with slightly heavier dumbbells.  We had to do back flies today and I remember in the first week of this 80 Day Obsession journey, I was not doing back flies with 8-pound dumbbells.  I remember lifting 5-pounds because I didn't want to be straining my neck, which would be bad.  Plus that would take away from the exercise since back flies is really for your back and not your neck.

Tomorrow - I Don't Know

Tomorrow workout is, I don't know.  I don't mean that the workout is called I don't know, it means I don't know what the workout will be tomorrow.  Come back tomorrow so then I can tell you some more.  Oh, and before you go, tomorrow I will be sharing with you a special treat at the end of the post.  So don't miss out, be here or be square!

I Hope That You Like This Post

I hope that you like this post about 80 Day Obsession AAA workout.  Cya all here tomorrow to continue the last 4 four days of peak week!