A Beginner's Guide to 8 Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Passion

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These are the 8 reasons why you follow your passion and stop following what everyone else is doing.  Then I am going to share with you how I changed my career focus and why I changed it. Now let’s get started on why you should keep following your passion.

8 reasons why you should follow your passion

Why Should You Pursue Your Passion?

  1. You only get one shot at life so make it count - unless there is an afterlife

  2. It gives you something to be happy about

  3. It makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning 

  4. Doing something that you love won’t feel like a job

  5. It will keep you young at heart

  6. You will become more persistent at it by showing up 

  7. You will consider it fun

  8. You will be passionate about it 

  9. You will not be able to stop talking about it 

How Do You Keep Pursuing Your Dreams?

  • Write down your dreams 

  • Take baby steps when you follow them

  • Talk to family and friends about them

  • Keep learning about your industry

  • Follow the top on social media who is already living your dream

  • Listen to motivational podcasts and Ted Talks

  • Perfect practice makes perfect practice

  • Don’t listen to the naysayers 

  • Write in a journal about your accomplishments and your frustrations along the way

Do you know why following your passions is good for you?

How To Achieve Your Dreams (Explained)

Write down your dreams 

Have a place where you can write down your dreams whether it’s a journal on paper or an online journal.  Make sure you write it down so you can come back to and remind yourself along the way of why you started chasing your dreams.

steps for success

steps for success

Take Baby Steps While You Follow Them

Once you have written down your dreams you will probably feel overwhelmed.  Just take baby steps and continue down the path until you reach your goals and dreams.

Talk To Family And Friends About Your Dreams 

Make sure you talk to your family and friends about your dreams so you can have a support system.  However, if some of your family members or friends don’t support your dreams don’t have them in your support circle.

man reading a book

man reading a book

Keep Learning About Your Industry

Make sure you Google and research your industry to see what you can offer to the table.  Try to have a unique perspective so you can be different from the others so that way you can stand out.  Even if it’s just reading a book about your industry make sure you keep learning.

Make Sure You Follow The Top Influencers In Your Industry

Eventually, you will have to be on social media because that’s where mostly every one hangout on the internet.  Don’t forget to follow the top influencers in your industry and see how they engage with their audiences and what they post about.  

podcast microphone

podcast microphone

Listen To Podcasts And Ted Talks

There are days where I don’t feel like continuing on writing on this website.  That’s where listening to podcasts that are motivational help me to continue on the right path.  Even listening to a Ted Talk would help as well either or is fine maybe both if needed.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Practice

Remember that saying, practice makes perfect.  That’s a lie because only perfect practice makes perfect practice.  Just practicing the wrong way won’t help you get anywhere close to your dreams.  But perfect practice will.

Don’t Listen To The Naysayers

Not everyone will support you and your dreams.  That’s a fact some of those naysayers will say to you that your dreams are not “practical.”  Those who tell you that just stop talking to them about your dreams and don’t listen to them.  If a few of them follow you on social media ignore them and report them.

Do you know how to follow your dreams without support?

blank journal

blank journal

Write-In Your Journal About Your Accomplishments And Frustrations

Trust me during your journey you will have your accomplishments to write about.  But before you can get to those accomplishments you will have to hit rock bottom a few times.  Think of it like a roller coaster. There will be ups and downs while working on your goals but eventually, you will be living in glory.  Make sure to write down frustrations and accomplishments along the way.

Do you know the best way to follow your dream?

Can Dreams Change?

Dreams can change more than a few times.  I used to want to become a personal trainer, but science and math are not my strong suits.   My parents saw that I wasn’t happy in college pursuing this career route. After a long heated discussion, I decided to switch my focus on media studies.

A Career In Media Studies Could Lead To

  • Social media marketer 

  • Publisher 

  • Journalist 

  • Sportswriter 

  • Copywriter 

But my overall dream that I want to do is become a public speaker.  Since science and math are not my strong suits I figured I could still help and inspire people differently.  It’s going to take me a few more years in college, but oh well I am going to do what I want to do.

Five Books About Pursuing Your Dreams

  1. Going Right: A Logical Justification for Pursuing Your Dreams

  2. UNSTUCK: A Story About Gaining Perspective, Creating Traction, and Pursuing Your Passion

  3. Unwrapping Your Passion: Creating the Life You Truly Want

  4. The Life You Imagine: Life Lessons for Achieving Your Dreams

  5. Dream Big Step Small: Learn to Reduce Overwhelm While Building the Business of Your Dreams

The Best Movies About Pursuing Your Dreams

According to IMDB, these are the best movies about inspiring movies of hope, passion, and perseverance  Some of my favorite movies on that list include:

  • National Treasure 

  • Rudy

  • Remember The Titans 

  • Rocky

  • McFarland 

Quotes About Pursuing Your Dreams 

night glowing sky

night glowing sky

Everyone has different interests in life. Some people like to work in accounting because they like numbers. Others might just do a job so they can just get by to pay the bills. However, if you do not have a family to take care of.

Then I really believe that it’s important to create an opportunity to pursue your own interests. It might not be a “practical job” it might not be easy. But according to my Sensai at Karate last night, when you lay your head down on the pillow you want to feel happy with what you do.

Don’t let others tell you that you need to have a high paying job, a big fancy house or a fancy car to make you happy. Be different and follow your own path.

Inspirational Quotes To Start The Week

ocean waves

ocean waves

It’s silly to worry about the day. Don’t get me wrong I do it too but not always. I find it exhausting and then I ask myself was it worth the energy? The answer is always no. Plan out your days ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about what you are doing during the day.

Motivational Quotes For Work

sunset over the ocean

sunset over the ocean

If someone tells you that your dreams are stupid and you should give them up. They are not supportive person that you need in your life. Don’t ever give up on dreams and make sure you give it 110% of yourself and nothing less. Prove to those naysayers that they wrong by living your dreams.

Life Quotes 

grassy fields

grassy fields

There are some days where it’s hard to find joy in the stuff that I do. But there always that place in or outside of your house that brings you joy. The place that brings me joy is going to Karate. No, I am not a violent person but my Karate family that surrounds me brings out the better person in me.

We like to joke with one another about our favorite sports teams, being inspired by the speeches at the end of class. Some days can be really rocky for me because something might not be going right for me, but I know when I go to my kickboxing class at night I know I am in the right place to be.

Should You Pursue Your Dreams Or Be Practical?

Do you think you should pursue your dreams or be practical, why or why not?  Let me know in the comments below.

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