About Me

My name is Jimmy Clare A.K.A CrazyFitnessGuy. However, that was not always the case. When I was growing up I had a lot of challenges that I had to face.

Before My Holistic Health Lifestyle

I am not an ordinary student or a personal trainer in training. I like to think of myself as a unique person who learns differently than others. In other words “thinking outside the box.” That’s how I think of myself now but when I was in school growing up I thought there was something wrong with me.

Going to school when I was younger was hard for me because I was bullied for being slightly Autistic. The very first workout program that I started with to help me lost 30 pounds was P90X.

I wanted to lose weight because I wanted to feel good in my body, plus I wanted to stop those bullies who picked on me.

what drove me To Create This Holistic Health Website

I created CrazyFitnessGuy after my second writing class in college. When I started college I didn’t even know how to write an essay, but my college professor took me under his wing. After that second college writing class with the same professor, he told the class to continue practicing writing.

So on April 12th of 2017, I started my own holistic health and wellness website. Now if you have been following me for a while it was under a different name when I first started. However, I cannot share that name.

CrazyFitnessGuy been up and running for almost two years now, which amazes me because I didn’t think I could keep up with it.

I have been working out for 8 or 9 years so far and I have enjoyed many workout programs.


Body Beast

80 Day Obsession

10 Minute Trainer

21 Day Fix

I am Currently Studying To Become A Personal Trainer

While I am working on this website I am currently in college studying to become a personal trainer. I am a very passionate when it comes to health and wellness.

By becoming a personal trainer I will be able to become an online health coach to reach billions of people around the world.

The Overall Picture

I have this overall picture of what I would like to be to do as a dream job of mine. One day I would like to become a Beachbody Super Trainer and travel the world. I want to be able to come up with my own fitness programs.